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Does Your Child Have a Symptom Of Head Lice?

head lice symptoms

Lice, the four-letter word that makes your skin crawl and itch (literally). If your school nurse or daycare center has notified you that your child may have lice, you’ll want to check your child and anyone else in your family, including yourself. Don’t put it off. Give them a head check immediately and get it […]

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What The CDC Says About Head Lice


Head lice are a bit of a mystery to many parents. How does it happen? Where do they come from? How do you treat them? Should I quarantine my child? The panic and questions arise upon finding head lice in your child’s hair. That’s never a fun day. You may be surprised by what the […]

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Coconut Oil: Try It At Your Own Risk

coconut oil

We have heard of every attempted lice treatment in the books. Some are just plain ridiculous, others have just simply become less effective over time because of super lice. One treatment that isn’t ridiculous but also isn’t the very best option is a coconut oil/ anise spray combination. On its own, coconut oil it isn’t very […]

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Positive Discipline: Tips and Tricks For Parents- Part 2

positive discipline

We’re back with some more tips on disciplining your children in a positive way because let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too much parental advice. Every parent has their own way but here is what Katharine C. Kersey, the author of “The 101s: A Guide to Positive Discipline,” and Jim Fay, the founder […]

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Positive Discipline: Tips and Tricks For Parents- Part 1

positive discipline

There are fun and tender parts of parenting and there are hectic and stressful parts of parenting, such as when we have to discipline our children. Disciplining our children often falls into the less glamorous category of parenting.  How we treat these situations will mold our children into who they grow up to be. Here […]

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Quick Lice Treatment Facts For Parents

lice treatment

Head lice treatment can be frustrating. Lucky for you, we offer safe, effective and stress-free lice treatment at a reasonable cost. Don’t know much about lice treatment? Here are 4 facts about head lice that you may not know. 1. Lice Can Infect Anyone There’s not a certain nationality or style of hair that lice like […]

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Family Gets Kicked Off Plane After Son Is Discovered With Lice

Are there policies in place for traveling with lice on a flight? According to Sports Analyst, Clay Travis, there are none online for Delta Airlines. However, that didn’t stop Delta employees from kicking his family off their plane because their son had head lice. Travis wrote about his family’s experience on his website. Thier Experience […]

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Super Lice Are A Super Nuisance

super lice

Super lice are not fun to deal with but unfortunately, they are hard to dodge if you have school-aged children. We deal with super lice every day and we successfully treat all types of head lice and all severity levels. What Are Super Lice? In a nutshell, super lice are super strong and resistant to […]

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5 Values To Teach Children From A Young Age


As parents, we want our children to grow up learning important values, holding strong morals and being a good people. We want them to be happy and successful. Every genuine parent wants the absolute best for their children. Here are 5 values to teach our children at a young age. Value #1: Honesty We don’t want […]

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5 Head Lice Myths, Debunked

head lice myths

Myths or Facts? What have you heard about head lice? Chances are, you’ve heard something false. Head lice facts aren’t common knowledge in society but we are trying to change that. It’s a great idea for parents to be educated on head lice because their child might get it at school or a friends house […]

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