Getting Rid of Lice in Wentzville

That Dreaded School Note

It’s the standard routine: Your child comes home from their Wentzville school and hands you the folder from the school. It contains important notices and upcoming events. Then one day there is something extra. There has been a lice outbreak in the school and your child was exposed.

Your first reaction may be disgust or panic. Don’t they keep the school clean? Are the other parents neglecting their children’s hygiene? Lice has long experienced a certain stigma that it only infests people who are dirty. That could not be further from the truth.

Some Lice Facts

  • Lice survive by attaching themselves to hair and feeding on the blood of its host. They live close to the skin where it’s warmer. They don’t care if the hair or body is clean or dirty.
  • Lice can cause intense itching, which leads to scratching, which can also lead to infections. The lice themselves do not transmit disease.
  • There are three stages of lice: egg (nit), nymph (hatched baby) and adult.
  • Lice use their claws to crawl through the hair strands.
  • Lice cannot fly, jump or hop. The only way they transmit from one person to another is by head-to-head contact or through shared items.
  • An infestation begins when a female adult louse lays eggs. The hatched eggs usually remain on the head until they are eradicated.

How to Check Your Child for Lice

You can look through your child’s head to see if he or she is infested with lice. Look closely at the hair strands near the scalp. There may be lice eggs (nits) attached to the hair. To distinguish these minuscule nits from dandruff, try pulling them off with your fingers. If they are resistant, they are probably nits.

Keep in mind, that even at their largest, adult lice are still only the size of a sesame seed. They can vary in color, but if you see anything crawling, it’s probably a louse. If you remove it, you may be able to see a reddish color on them, which is the blood they have extracted.

Wentzville Treatment Options

There are over-the-counter products available for treating lice but take caution when considering using remedies like Rid, Nix, Spinosad, Natroba, Ivermectin, Sklice, and generic lice products. These products contain harsh chemicals that can cause adverse reactions and have a strong odor. In addition, lice have become resistant to many of the traditional products that have long been on the market.

Your best bet is to contact Lice Clinics USA as soon as possible. We have knowledgeable and trained staff who perform thorough screenings to determine if your child is infested with lice and the severity of it. It’s also important for all family members to be screened as well, to avoid risk of re-infestation.

If we determine that one or more individuals are infested with lice, we provide you with several treatment options. You can select the one that meets your needs and budget. Our FDA-approved Signature Dehydration treatment is one option that is guaranteed to eliminate all lice from those affected.

School attendance is important. Don’t keep your kids home from school one more day than necessary. After receiving our gentle treatment methods, they can return to school the very next day!