Ballwin Lice Screenings and Treatment

Ballwin is a great place to raise a family. With good schools, lots of parks and recreation, good shopping—all of these equate to a great environment. There is no way lice can invade your family in such a nice community, right?

Wrong!! Lice do not care how nice your house is, or where you live, work or play. They only care about surviving. They do that by living in the hair strands and feed off the blood in the scalp. Contrary to popular beliefs, they do not care if that head is clean or dirty.

How People Contract Lice

No matter whether you live in Ballwin or any other city or town, you are susceptible to lice. Infestations occur mostly in children, because they are more apt to play in large groups. It only takes one person who has lice to transmit it to others.

Lice cannot fly, jump or hop from one head to another. Transmission requires head-to-head contact or by sharing items that come in contact with the head of the host. Lice can crawl from the head to objects like combs, brushes, hats, scarves, helmets, backpacks; any item that have touched the head. If an uninfected person shares one of these items with an infected person, there is a chance of transmittal.

What to Do if You Suspect Lice

You may receive a note or call from your child’s school that there has been an infestation. Or you have heard parents talking. There are a few symptoms to look for that indicated possible lice infestation. They include persistent head scratching, sleeplessness, head sores and irritability.

If you think your child may have lice, call Lice Clinics USA in Wentzville to schedule a lice screening. During your visit, we’ll interview you to determine why you suspect your child has lice. We’ll then inspect your child’s hair, using a bright light and a special comb, to check for the existence of lice, nits or eggs.

If we determine your child has been infected, we will assess the severity of it. We’ll also need to screen other family members. If all infected people in a household aren’t treated, there will be continued re-infestation.

The screening process costs $25, $15 for each additional family member. However, if you continue with one of our treatment programs, that fee will be waived. We provide guidelines on how to clean your home and prevent future infestations. We’ll also provide you with options for treatment, whether you opt to get treated in our clinic or do it at home on your own.

The Most Effective Ballwin Lice Treatment

It’s important to know that most over-the-counter products sold for lice removal are not very effective. Lice have become resistant to the traditional products, like Rid, Nix, Spinosad, Natroba, Ivermectin, Sklice, and generic lice products, and there is only about a 20% success rate if you use them. In addition, they contain harsh chemicals with strong odors that may cause allergic reactions.

Our FDA-approved Signature Dehydration treatment method is safe and non-toxic. Best of all, it is 99.2% effective in eradicating lice immediately. Your family can go home knowing that they are free from lice and able to return to school or work the very next day!

Give Lice Clinics USA a call if you suspect lice infestation in your family. We’ll schedule a time when you can come into our clinic for a consultation. We also offer in-home treatments, if it’s not possible to travel to our location. Contact us for details.