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What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School

children sitting at desks facing teacher at the front of the classroom

School has been back in session for a while now and along with it head lice outbreaks. Head lice return to school just like your children every year and can wreak havoc on your children’s classroom. If there is a lice outbreak at your school, there is plenty you can do to prevent an infestation. […]

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October National Bullying Prevention Month

There are many situations in which a child might find themselves the victim of bullying. If your child is dealing with a head lice infestation and their peers decide to pick on them, it can turn into a bullying situation. Here’s what parents should consider when it comes to preventing bullying for your child.   […]

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Back To School Prime Time for Head Lice

While you are busy buying new backpacks, school supplies and lunchboxes for your child it is also essential that parents are aware back to school times are certainly one of the busiest for head lice outbreaks. Why is that? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head lice are most commonly passed on […]

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Why Should Schools Update “No Nit” Lice Policy?

Lice in public schools can create a big uproar in communities. Often parents become very concerned when they hear of an outbreak in a classroom or school. Across the United States “no nit” policies have been in place for several decades that prohibit students from attending class if any nits, or lice eggs, whatsoever are […]

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What The CDC Says About Head Lice


Head lice are a bit of a mystery to many parents. How does it happen? Where do they come from? How do you treat them? Should I quarantine my child? The panic and questions arise upon finding head lice in your child’s hair. That’s never a fun day. You may be surprised by what the […]

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5 Values To Teach Children From A Young Age


As parents, we want our children to grow up learning important values, holding strong morals and being a good people. We want them to be happy and successful. Every genuine parent wants the absolute best for their children. Here are 5 values to teach our children at a young age. Value #1: Honesty We don’t want […]

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Parents Can Be Stylish Too. Do You Have A Style?


Parenting is a journey. A hard, yet rewarding and precious journey. If you are a parent and you’re doing your best, we applaud you. As parents, we know that keeping our children safe and teaching them to be good people is extremely important. Studies show that children who feel loved and have discipline, grow up […]

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Lice Treatment Near St. Peters

St. Peters

Do you live in the beautiful St. Peters area and have young children? Chances are, you might need us in the near future. As the leading lice clinic in the St. Peters area, located in St. Charles, only about 15 minutes away, we treat thousands of children when they face a head lice infestation, and […]

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Love Shouldn’t Itch: Lice Removal On V-Day


People around the world will be celebrating love today. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that goes back to about 269 AD, according to the romantic legend. The day of romance derives from Saint Valentine, a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, a strict man who was against […]

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