Coconut Oil: Try It At Your Own Risk

coconut oil

We have heard of every attempted lice treatment in the books. Some are just plain ridiculous, others have just simply become less effective over time because of super lice. One treatment that isn’t ridiculous but also isn’t the very best option is a coconut oil/ anise spray combination. On its own, coconut oil it isn’t very effective, but according to a clinical study by the Medical Entomology Centre, out of 50 patients, 41% were cured using this combination, while only 23% were cured using an over-the-counter treatment containing permethrin lotion. According to that study, the coconut oil mix is absolutely a better option than going to the store and buying Rid, Nix or any other known drugstore lice treatments. Drugstore lice treatments have become the least effective option in this day and we strongly discourage parents from relying on them. As tempting as it is to try, just stay away.

Coconut Oil Vs. Our Treatment

However, the coconut oil, anise oil mix is still nowhere close to as effective as the AirAllé lice treatment at our clinic. Going to a professional lice removal clinic is always the best option. Nothing beats being treated by experts who know everything about lice and deal with it every single day. We have done all the research, we have seen it all and we successfully treat people everyday. The average parent doesn’t know much about lice or what it takes to properly get rid of them. We have many options but our full-service AirAllé lice treatment is our most recommended and most popular head lice treatment. Parents rave over this treatment. It’s revolutionary, medically proven and has absolutely changed the lice removal industry for the better.

Coconut Oil Vs. Other Home Remedies

Now, let’s do a bit of comparing. Coconut oil alone is probably on the same level as home remedies like mayonnaise and tea tree oil, but less harmful. Mayonnaise and tea tree oil have potential side effects that you don’t want to risk. Coconut oil must be mixed with anise oil in order to be at all effective, but the coconut oil actually contains nutrients that are good for the hair and skin. Although, we don’t recommend any type of remedy that goes on the head overnight. That can be very dangerous.

You may want to take your chances with the coconut oil mixture and that is your choice. However, why choose something that was successful on 40% of patients when ours is successful 99.2% of the time? If you try the coconut oil mix, you may wind up coming to us anyway. Choose your treatment wisely.

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