Super Lice Are A Super Nuisance

super lice

Super lice are not fun to deal with but unfortunately, they are hard to dodge if you have school-aged children. We deal with super lice every day and we successfully treat all types of head lice and all severity levels.

What Are Super Lice?

In a nutshell, super lice are super strong and resistant to the chemicals in over-the-counter lice treatments. They appear to look and act the same way regular lice do, but drugstore treatments like Rid or Nix will most-likely not even affect them. Lice are stronger than ever in this day and age. This means that the efficacy rate of store-bought head lice treatments has gone from 96 percent to 28 percent. For this reason, we highly recommend staying away from over-the-counter lice creams and shampoos. There’s a very good chance they won’t work.

Super Lice Research

The name ‘super lice’ was coined by the media in 2016 when public research showed that lice samples from 48 states carried the pesticide-resistant genes. Southern Illinois biologist Dr. Kyong Yoon has been researching lice with Dr. John Marshall Clark at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for 15 years. These researchers have found that over that period, lice have gotten more and more resistant to pyrethroid products, the active ingredient in many lice treatments.


Our AirAllé lice treatment combats every form of lice, whether super or not because it dehydrates lice and their eggs by using controlled, heated air. Many parents like this treatment because we do the treatment ourselves from start to finish and it’s one and done. As experts, we know exactly how to perform the treatment and we do it with a guarantee. There is no need for follow-up appointments or additional treatment. We believe in our product because it has been medically proven and FDA-cleared.

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