Chesterfield Lice Outbreaks

Is There a Lice Infestation in Your School or Camp?

When it comes to lice infestations, finding one or two kids with it is a problem. But when there are many children suspected of carrying lice, it becomes a major dilemma.

These outbreaks happen in locations where there are many children playing and interacting with each other. It can happen in day care centers, schools (at all levels), and camps.

Lice cannot fly, jump or hop, but they can crawl and attach themselves to objects that are near the head where they live and breed. Since lice can live 24-48 hours without their feeding source, they can travel from items like combs, brushes, hair accessories, hats, helmets, backpacks, and any clothing that comes in contact with the host’s head.

We Can Treat Your Chesterfield School or Camp

It can be overwhelming when there is a large number of children infested in one environment. It is important to make sure everyone is screened and treated to eradicate the lice infestation. If just one child or adult who is infested is not treated, the likelihood of re-infestation is high.

In addition, especially if the infected people are away from home, like for a camp, it may be difficult and very disruptive to send all of them home to be treated.

Lice Clinics USA has the solution to this problem. We will come to you!

Our On-Site Visits

Even if there are no suspected cases of lice at your Chesterfield school or camp, we can visit to provide information and literature on lice screening and treatment. It can be valuable to camp counselors, teachers, nurses and parents in recognizing the signs of lice infestation.

If there is an outbreak, we usually get a call from the school nurse or camp counselor. With parental authorization, we will go on-site to screen the kids for the presence of lice, nits or eggs. We will identify any individuals who are infested so that literature is sent home to the parents, with options for treatment.

If we have permission from the parents to treat their infected child, we can do so right there. There is no need for the child to miss any school or camp activities, since our treatment method removes the lice from their heads immediately.

Identifying Possible Lice Infestation

We provide free phone consultations with Chesterfield school or camp nurses. We will answer any questions they have and provide details in identifying lice and symptoms to look for. These can include:

  • Head scratching
  • Head sores resulting from scratching
  • Red bumps on the neck or scalp
  • Sleep problems
  • Small bugs seen crawling on the scalp

Guaranteed Lice Treatment

Our FDA-approved Signature Dehydration lice removal method is simple, yet effective. It uses controlled heated air to kill the lice and nits. Then we use a special comb and oil to remove them, along with any eggs that remain. This process has proven to be 99.2% effective at completely eradicating lice.

Don’t stress if your child has lice. Leave it to the professionals with the expertise to get rid of the critters. We have the appropriate methods and products to get it done right. No harsh chemicals like there are in products like Rid, Nix, Spinosad, Natroba, Ivermectin, Sklice, and generic lice products. No picking through the head. No missed school. Guaranteed success.

Contact us today for more information on screening and treatment.