Lice Clinics USA was created because of a personal need for, well, lice treatment. Here’s our story.

My name is Teresa Thompson and I own and manage Lice Clinics USA along with my husband, Mike. Back in 2015, if you’d asked me about lice, I’d have reacted with a shocked expression and a firm denial that nobody in my family ever had or would ever have them. After all, we practiced good hygiene and I considered our family and home to be clean overall.

Then one night I was bathing my two daughters, Madeline and Jaqueline after they returned home from playing soccer. I noticed a crawly bug in Jacqueline’s hair. I called Mike in and he found more. We weren’t certain it was actually lice and did not want to freak our daughters out. So we went to “Dr. Google”, who confirmed it was indeed lice. We proceeded to check Madeline’s head and sure enough, found more of the same.

Mike went to Walgreen’s and bought four lice kits. We opened the packages and read the instructions. After putting gloves on and making sure not to leave the medicine (or should I say “pesticide”) on too long, we proceeded to treat our daughters. Fortunately, our newborn did not have any hair so was not susceptible to lice. If she got it, we could not have applied the same treatment, since the pesticide could not be applied to children under two.

Fast forward six long hours; I finished combing and removing nits from Jacqueline’s hair and started on Madeline’s. This was in the wee hours of the morning. During that time, Mike had stripped all the beds and stuffed animals from the girls’ rooms. The washing machine was going full force.

A Better, More Effective Lice Treatment

After I was done with Madeline, I asked Mike to start working on my hair. He was very resistant to tackle my head of thick, long hair. Instead, we found a clinic providing treatment using the dehydration method for lice removal. No harmful pesticides or chemicals are needed in this treatment. And it’s more effective at successfully removing lice.

As happens with many chemical treatments aimed at killing pests, lice have become resistant to many of the poisons previously applied that were effective. According to research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, 98% of head lice in the United States now carry gene mutations for pesticide resistance -- up from just 37% in 2001.

We had the dehydration treatment performed on the girls and me, during which many more nits were discovered and removed. We learned that most moms and many dads contract lice when their kids have it.

Making It Our Business

After going through this horrible situation, we wanted to help other parents and kids with a better way. We decided to open a clinic of our own to educate and perform lice treatments and removal to people in our community. We offer these dehydration treatments to thousands of affected people in St. Charles and St. Louis counties and cities.

Our clinic provides a variety of treatment programs and products for lice treatment and removal. We can help you determine the best program for your situation, based on the level of infestation and your budget. We’ll do our best to make sure you and your family don’t have to go through the nightmare that we did.

No more dangerous pesticides and chemicals with over-the-counter products like Rid, Nix, Spinosad, Ivermectin or Sklice. No need to cut that beautiful head of hair. No more creepy, crawly, little bugs wreaking havoc in your home, school or camp. Just a proven, guaranteed method of removing lice for good!