Facing head lice Is Like Facing A Breakup


We know it sounds silly, but going through the stages of the head lice process can often be similar to going through a breakup. Shock fear, frustration, acceptance and finally, relief. You may feel those emotions in both situations. The Shock Stage Most parents are in shock when they spot a case of head lice […]

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New Study Links Head Lice Treatments to Behavioral Abnormalities in Children

harmful lice treatments

More and more studies are being released about the harmful effects of drugstore lice treatments. Surprisingly, many home remedies have negative effects as well. Mayonnaise has been reported as dangerous due to suffocation and food poisoning. Tea tree oil has reportedly had a negative impact on children’s hormones and pyrethroids are now being linked to […]

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Head Lice


Head lice are such a nuisance. Mom’s hate them, kids hate them, who doesn’t hate them? If only there were an antidote to kill lice off the face of the earth forever. Well, for now, lice are a here to stay and they are unfortunately a reality for many parents with school-aged children. When it […]

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Will head lice be a guest at your pool party?


During summer, there’s a pretty good chance your child will attend a pool party or five. It’s a great activity for a party and a nice way to cool off on those blazing hot summer days. The pool is also the prime place to have chicken fights, play Marco Polo, Sharks and Minnows and other […]

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Head Lice In Ancient Times


Head Lice have afflicted humans since ancient times and lice have been found in several ancient human remains. Examinations of mummy’s head hair dating back to the early 1400’s revealed infestations of ancient head lice. The hair samples also tested positive for the presence of mercury, likely applied to the head as an anti-pediculosis (head […]

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Love Shouldn’t Itch: Lice Removal On V-Day


People around the world will be celebrating love today. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that goes back to about 269 AD, according to the romantic legend. The day of romance derives from Saint Valentine, a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, a strict man who was against […]

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Super Bowl 51: How to get there next year

Kansas City Logo for Super Bowl

Now that Missouri has only one professional football team, it’s up to the Kansas City Chiefs to rally the state together and hopefully bring a Super Bowl victory next year. Although the Chief’s season ended with a heartbreaking loss to the Steelers, they still have a bright future ahead of them. This year alone, the […]

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Beware of Super Lice

Little girl getting her super lice combed out by her mother

We learn in science class that things evolve over time. We are not talking about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution — we don’t need to get into whether humans evolved from monkeys or not. We are talking about how things change over time. Studies from 2016 show that this evolution and change applies to head lice. […]

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Happy Head-Lice-Free New Year!

New Year, new resolutions! Is one of your goals this year to keep your family lice-free? This is a struggle for many families. When one of your child’s schoolmates has a head lice outbreak, it’s almost inevitable that all their friends will become infested as well. Head lice are transmitted through head-to-head contact or by […]

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