Schools & Camps

Lice Can Multiply Fast!

Lice infestations often occur in environments where there are groups of children. Day cares, schools, and camps are all breeding grounds for lice. And they don’t need to share a comb or brush to contract lice either. Lice can spread to others by sharing clothes that touch the head, like hats, sweaters, coats, shirts, and jackets.

If lice are removed from their food source—namely the blood supply from human skin—they can still survive for 24-48 hours. Within that period, they can travel by way of clothes or hats, head-to-head contact, and combs or brushes to the head of another human.

Teenagers often trade clothing with their friends. Children have slumber parties and share the same bed. They take selfies with their heads touching. Some toddlers are affectionate and like to hug their classmates. All these activities can lead to passing lice from one person to another.

Symptoms of Possible Lice Outbreak

Many nurses know what symptoms to look for with lice infestation. However, if the affected children are in class or camp, teachers or counselors may not recognize the signs. Early detection can help limit the spread of the infestation. Some things to look for include:

  • Persistent itching is usually the most common sign of lice, although it could also be the result of sunburn or dry scalp.
  • Red bumps on the scalp or neck area
  • Sores that develop from scratching.
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Small bugs on the scalp

Our School and Camp Program

We offer on-site visits where we provide information on lice screening and treatment. If there are suspected cases of lice at that time, we will provide specific literature for the affected children to take home to their parents.

Lice Clinics USA offers special programs for private and public schools from day care through college, as well as day camps and overnight camps. It usually begins with a call from a school nurse or administrator or a camp counselor. They suspect or have noticed several children who have been infested with lice.

We can go on-site and perform screening and treatment to the children there, if needed, with parental authorization. This group process ensures that all affected people are identified, and the appropriate literature and treatment options are sent home.

We offer free nurse phone consultations. If a nurse suspects a child has lice, we will answer questions and provide guidance in looking for symptoms. On request and with parental permission, we will provide screenings on-site. They can be done school-wide or grade-based.

Reduce Absenteeism because of Lice

If we treat children for lice on-site at their school or camp, there is no need for the child to return home at all. They can remain at school or camp until they are scheduled to go home, with no danger of further infestation.

That’s because our signature heated dehydration treatment removes both lice and nits without the use of harsh chemicals. We can have your child lice free in 90 minutes or less and back to their classes or enjoying all the summer camp fun.

Don’t Despair if There’s a Lice Infestation

Lice does not cause disease and is not a sign of poor hygiene, so it should not be a cause for anxiety. When identified early and treated correctly, it is usually gone within hours. However, in an environment largely populated with children, it is important to address all infected individuals.

When you want non-chemical toxic head lice removal that works the first time, trust our highly trained technicians for exceptional solutions. We offer non-toxic products and services that are proven to work and ensure safety and comfort. You will have peace of mind knowing that your children are once again lice-free!