Head Lice In Ancient Times


Head Lice have afflicted humans since ancient times and lice have been found in several ancient human remains. Examinations of mummy’s head hair dating back to the early 1400’s revealed infestations of ancient head lice. The hair samples also tested positive for the presence of mercury, likely applied to the head as an anti-pediculosis (head lice) therapy. The oldest intact head louse egg was found on a hair from an archaeological site in North-Eastern Brazil and dates back to 8000 BC. Scientists performed stereomicroscopic examinations of the hair samples that revealed the presence of part of the leg of an adult head louse. They also found abdominal fragments that belonged to a male louse. Seven incomplete nits attached to the hair, and another five fragments of nits not cemented to the hair were also detected and observed on the mummies.

Ancient Head Lice Treatments

The Egyptians often shaved their heads clean and the beautiful long locks we see in pictures were wigs. If you became infested with head lice, the Egyptians treated themselves with an aromatic head lice formula made of water, vinegar, oil of cinnamon, oil of rosemary, oil of terebinth. They would treat ancient head lice with the formula and use a fine tooth comb. The Chinese discovered centuries ago that Pyrethrum powder obtained from dried flowers of at least one species of chrysanthemum exhibited insecticidal properties.  History reveals remedies used to treat head lice like honey, horsemint, capsicum, pepper, seawater, silver and borax to kill head lice. Scientists also found many types of ancient lice combs and other tools that were used to remove the nits from the head.

The Evolution of Head Lice

In recent years, lice have become resistant to many over the counter and do-it-yourself lice treatment options. Head Lice are conquering the commonly used insecticides known as pyrethroids. The resistance genes are mutating, rendering themselves less vulnerable to pyrethrins. The average lice that was tested from 42 states had three known mutations creating Super Lice. Research shows that pyrethroids only kill 25 percent of a typical lice infestation, rendering the treatment useless and exposing your child to toxins.

Revolutionary Treatment

At Lice Clinics of America- St. Charles, we kill head lice, Super Lice and their eggs. We utilize a science-based technology of controlled heated air that dehydrates head lice and their eggs. Our clinic provides education and treatment options for families that are quick, effective and backed by a guarantee that you will leave lice free. Head lice have evolved and mutated to survive through the decades and thanks to science, we have the tools to combat this vermin without harming our children with exposure to toxins.

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