Love Shouldn’t Itch: Lice Removal On V-Day


People around the world will be celebrating love today. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that goes back to about 269 AD, according to the romantic legend. The day of romance derives from Saint Valentine, a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, a strict man who was against the marriage of young couples. He believed that unmarried soldiers fought better than married and ones. Saint Valentine was killed for his illegal deeds on February 14. Some say that sweet Saint Valentine died for love. The last thing he wrote before his death was a note to a young woman in which he signed “from your Valentine,” therefore creating the idea behind Valentine’s Day traditions today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today, couples will be exchanging gifts, chocolates and roses. Restaurants will be booked for romantic celebrations and children will be showing up to school with Valentine’s Day cards and candies to exchange with their classmates. Kids will be exchanging treats, laughter and possibly head lice. What’s fun and dandy about head lice? You guessed it, absolutely nothing. As head lice removal experts, we know what a pain a head lice outbreak can be.

Head lice are not fun or romantic at all. We hope that you have a sweet Valentine but we really hope that it’s not an itchy bug.

Since head lice spread through direct head-to-head contact, this fun and lovely holiday leaves prime opportunity for little lice to fall on your child’s head and fall in love with their scalp. What’s romantic about that?

Love should not itch and either should your head. We know that kids deserve some fun with their friends on this special holiday and we owe it to Saint Valentine, who changed the course of love forever.

We want you and your children to enjoy this holiday. Hopefully, there are no head lice outbreaks at your child’s school today but if their head is itchy when they get home from school, a head check might be a good idea to get to the lice removal stage as soon as possible.

Prep For Lice Removal: How To Check The Head

Head lice removal should happen as soon as possible to avoid an even worse outbreak. Before getting rid of head lice, you first have to make sure it’s there. Before you do a head check, make sure you are under some good light. Lice are as small as sesame seeds so they can be very hard to see and their eggs can be even harder to spot. For this reason, we recommend a magnifying glass.

Step 1: Check The Scalp

Part the hair in various places and check the head all around, including behind the ears and the nape of the neck. You may notice red sores where your child has been itching.

Step 2: Spot The Lice And Eggs

Look for little gray, tan or white bugs, little eggs that look like bumps on the head or movement in the hair. Lice eggs, called nits, might be easier to feel than to see. They’ll feel like grains of sand and will be located very close to the scalp.

If you believe your child is infested and you need lice removal help, give us a call. We will even do our own head check to make sure it is in fact, head lice and not dandruff or flakes.

We hope you have a lice-free day today full of love and laughter. Remember to do a quick head check when your child comes home, just in case. Enjoy the day with that special someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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