Beware of Super Lice

Little girl getting her super lice combed out by her mother

We learn in science class that things evolve over time. We are not talking about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution — we don’t need to get into whether humans evolved from monkeys or not. We are talking about how things change over time. Studies from 2016 show that this evolution and change applies to head lice. Head lice have evolved so much over time that they are now what we call super lice, and they are not super in a good way. They are actually super in a quite frustrating way. They are super resistant to many head lice removal treatments that once worked to get rid of them. This is often problematic because the general public is not educated enough on head lice to know that they shouldn’t buy traditional, over-the-counter head lice shampoos and conditioners. Head lice facts aren’t common knowledge because people don’t usually think about it until they have to deal with it.

How many States Have Reported Super Lice?

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology at Oxford University, 42 out of 48 states tested were overrun by super lice and according to NBC’s Today Show, 100 percent of the lice that were tested in this study were resistant to over-the-counter treatments. “In six other states – New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, New Mexico, and North Dakota – some, but not all, the lice tested were resistant to over-the-counter treatments,” According to a 2016 Yahoo article. “Alaska and West Virginia were not part of the study.”

This is a result of the evolution and mutation of head lice. Head lice have mutated and become stronger, resulting in a resistance to many chemicals and head lice treatments that can no longer lock onto lice and kill them.

This can become a waste of money for many parents who don’t know about super lice and their resistance and makes it difficult to take care of the itchy and inconvenient contagion called head lice. Parents shouldn’t have to continually treat head lice because of ineffective products.

How Do We Get Rid of Head Lice At Our Clinic?

This is why we approach head lice treatments uniquely and effectively at Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles. Scientists at the University of Utah came together and invented a revolutionary, FDA-cleared device called the AirAllé that dehydrates lice and 99.2 percent of their eggs, or nits. We approach each case as super lice because we don’t want to take any chances and we want to eradicate the outbreak as soon as possible. Only 99.2 percent of their eggs you ask? We make sure your head is 100 percent lice free before you leave by following with a lice combing treatment and a topical rinse. We are experts and know how to get rid of those little pests the first time. Our full-service AirAllé is more effective than anything else on the market and it is comfortable and safe for children.

Do not use traditional head lice treatments from the store such as Rid or Nix, unless you want to continue to have head lice. Head lice treatments that don’t work should be discontinued so parents don’t keep going through the same hassle of using something that does not work.

At Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles, we have answers to all your head lice questions. While we know head lice is a pain no matter what, our services make it as stress-free as possible.

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