Super Bowl 51: How to get there next year

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Now that Missouri has only one professional football team, it’s up to the Kansas City Chiefs to rally the state together and hopefully bring a Super Bowl victory next year.

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Although the Chief’s season ended with a heartbreaking loss to the Steelers, they still have a bright future ahead of them.

This year alone, the Chiefs went an impressive 12-4 and earned the number two seed in the playoffs, meaning they had the second best record in the AFC.

But what can the Chiefs do differently to push through the Patriots barrier?

Because as we all know, all roads to the super bowl seem to lead to the ever present New England Patriots.

Truthfully, the Chiefs had many great moments during this season, so what the Chiefs need to do to make it to the Super Bowl next year is exactly what they’ve been doing.

A Season Of Highlights

One of the biggest highlights of the Chiefs season was beating their arch rival, the Oakland Raiders.

Not only did the Chiefs beat them once, but twice, stealing the division title away from them.

Another top highlight of a great season was the Chiefs narrowly winning against the Denver Broncos, in an overtime play that nobody saw coming.

After the Broncos failed at an attempt to score a 62-yard field goal, the Chiefs had a chance to score thanks to a set up by tight-end Travis Kelce and a field goal by Cairo Santos.

Initially, it looked as if Santos missed the field goal, but after it was apparent he had scored, the victory was assured.

One of the best and most memorable moments of the season had to be when safety, Eric Barry, who had just the year before recovered from cancer, intercepted a pass for a touchdown winning the game against the Atlanta Falcons.

What made this moment especially memorable wasn’t necessarily game-winning interception, but when Berry took the game ball and gave it to his mother in the stands.

It’s The Small Improvements

The Kansas City Chiefs, like all teams, have improvements they can make. And with this team, if those improvements are made, are sure to win them a spot in next year’s super bowl.

Most of the improvements have to do with individual players and positions that need to be strengthened or kept strong.

One such player that needs to be kept and strengthened is safety Eric Berry, who is a free agent that needs to be resigned ASAP.

Another position that needs to be strengthened is the corner-back, with player Marcus Peters carrying the full load with no one to share it with. This was something the Stealers took advantage of in the division round, throwing the ball more often to the left side of the field when Peters was on the other side.

A Great Team

It’s no doubt that the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the great teams in the NFL right now, and has great potential to make it to Super Bowl 52.

If the Chiefs keep up what they are doing, tighten up where they need to tighten up, and keep bringing Missouri and all football fans a season to watch, it is sure to mean success.

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