Happy Head-Lice-Free New Year!

New Year, new resolutions! Is one of your goals this year to keep your family lice-free? This is a struggle for many families. When one of your child’s schoolmates has a head lice outbreak, it’s almost inevitable that all their friends will become infested as well. Head lice are transmitted through head-to-head contact or by using an infested person’s comb, brush or anything else that their head has touched. What can you do to treat your child’s head lice after an outbreak?

Beware Of The Nits

At Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles, we have head lice treatment solutions that work. Many do-it-yourself head lice treatments and home remedies frequently fail. Oftentimes the reason for failure is the vigilant combing required to remove the lice eggs. The eggs, or nits, latch onto the hair as close to the scalp as possible, secreting a sticky substance, adhering to the hair, making it very difficult to remove them.

Many head lice treatments will kill the live lice but not the nits, leaving you to believe you are lice-free. If you did not remove all of the lice eggs, they will hatch within a few days and you will have another active head lice infestation.

What Do We Use?

How frustrating is it to treat head lice over and over again? Our effective treatment kills head lice and their eggs through dehydration the first application. We use our FDA-cleared, medical AirAllé device. To complete the process, we follow that up with a topical rinse and thorough combing with a nit comb.

Why not Mayonnaise?

Don’t fall victim to ineffective head lice treatments such as the mayonnaise method. This is a home-remedy in which parents put mayonnaise on their child’s head and wrap it with plastic to trap the live lice overnight. They send their child to bed with the mayo on their head with the hope that the lice will be dead in the morning. Warning: this method has not been medically proven to kill head lice or their nits. There have also been reports of this method being dangerous for children. The next morning, the parents think the head lice are gone because they don’t see any live lice crawling around. However, the nits are there, waiting to hatch. The nits are the most challenging critters to get rid of.

Educate Yourself

The first step to treating head lice is to know the facts of lice. When you know what you’re dealing with, it makes it easier to treat your family for head lice.

It’s important to know what works and what will eventually bring you to tears. Lice are super these days — and not in a good way. Head lice are becoming resistant to many pesticides used in head lice treatment solutions.

If your family is concerned about using chemicals to treat head lice, Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles concentrates on safe and effective treatments that are comfortable and painless for your family. Let us help you stay lice-free in the new year — guaranteed.

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