What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School

children sitting at desks facing teacher at the front of the classroom

School has been back in session for a while now and along with it head lice outbreaks. Head lice return to school just like your children every year and can wreak havoc on your children’s classroom. If there is a lice outbreak at your school, there is plenty you can do to prevent an infestation.


What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School


School classrooms are the perfect breeding grounds for head lice. Children sitting and playing close together lead to easy infestations and spread. This can seem overwhelming for parents, but there is plenty you can do for your children. Head lice cannot jump or fly and spread mostly through direct contact. Remind your children to avoid touching head to head or shoulder to shoulder. Put their hair up or tied back to avoid it brushing against others. While playing on the playground your children can keep their hair up or in a hat to avoid direct contact. Remind them not to share items like hats, sweaters, scarves and other accessories that touch the head and shoulders. If your school does not offer head lice checks, be sure to check your child’s hair weekly. We offer head lice checks done by our trained professionals at our local lice clinic. 


What to Do if Your Child Gets Head Lice


If your child should find themselves with head lice, don’t panic. Remember head lice infestations can happen to anyone. It is very common and has nothing to do with personal hygiene. When you find head lice, it’s important to get it treated right away. This can help prevent the spread of head lice to other students or your family. Our clinic offers a premium head lice treatment that removes lice in one guaranteed treatment. We use a special treatment of heat and oils to remove lice and nits. Our trained head lice technicians can help you with all your head lice needs.

Don’t let head lice ruin your family’s school year, let the head lice experts at Lice Clinics USA help you get lice free.