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Back to School: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Healthy and Head Lice-Free

Introduction As the new school year is upon us, it’s not just books, pencils, and school uniforms on a parent’s checklist. Keeping your child healthy and lice-free is another significant concern, given that schools are a common breeding ground for germs and little critters like head lice. This comprehensive guide will help you prepare your […]

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Cleaning Your Home After a Head Lice Infestation: A Comprehensive Guide

  Discovering that one of your loved ones has head lice can be a distressing experience. After successfully treating the affected individual and checking other family members, it’s important to take additional cleaning measures to prevent the further spread of lice throughout your home. In this article, we will provide you with a guide on […]

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Best Hairstyles to Prevent Head lice

If you’re a parent whose child has had head lice in the past, or if you’ve heard about recent cases of head lice in your child’s school, you may be wondering how to prevent an infestation. After checking in with us to get the all clear that your child is headlice free – you may […]

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Can Adults Get Head Lice?

When you think about head lice, chances are that you probably picture a child being sent home by the school nurse. It is quite common for children to get head lice from time to time. However, many people do not think about getting head lice as an adult. Do adults even get head lice? What […]

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How To Protect Your Family From Head Lice

Lice are tiny insects that live on human scalps and feed on human blood. They are a common problem in children and can be spread easily from one person to another. Lice are small insects that live on the scalps of humans. They are a nuisance and can be hard to get rid of. If […]

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Cleaning Your Childs Bedroom After Head Lice

Person Cleaning a Bedroom

When you find out someone if your household has head lice it can be an overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to figure out how to treat the infestation but clean up after it. Knowing your children have had head lice can cause a whole new variety of concerns when it comes to cleaning […]

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Does Peppermint Oil Kill or Prevent Lice?

peppermint oil bottles next to other care items on white background

In most homes where lice have dominated, people want to know what can kill or prevent the lice from infesting their area. Unfortunately, killing lice can be challenging despite employing chemical and mechanical technologies. However, Peppermint oil can be a great deal in preventing a lice infestation. Can Peppermint Oil Prevent Lice? Peppermint oil is […]

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Post Holiday Head Lice Increase

Holiday Lights In St Charles

Post Holiday Head Lice Increase   The time from Thanksgiving to New Years is a busy time filled with shopping, gatherings, and more. After the holidays, everything else seems to begin catching up to us. This included illness and of course head lice. All of the holiday gatherings can be the perfect place for colds […]

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Tips for a Lice Free Halloween

three children in different costumes knocking on a door trick or treating

Halloween can be a fun and exciting time, but head lice can easily ruin an exciting time. The fun and spookiness of Halloween can lead to the easy spread of head lice infestations. People gathering and kids playing close together are the perfect mix for head lice. We’ve put together some tips for you to […]

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What to Do if There is a Lice Outbreak at Your School

children sitting at desks facing teacher at the front of the classroom

School has been back in session for a while now and along with it head lice outbreaks. Head lice return to school just like your children every year and can wreak havoc on your children’s classroom. If there is a lice outbreak at your school, there is plenty you can do to prevent an infestation. […]

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