Lice Treatment Near St. Peters

St. Peters

Do you live in the beautiful St. Peters area and have young children? Chances are, you might need us in the near future. As the leading lice clinic in the St. Peters area, located in St. Charles, only about 15 minutes away, we treat thousands of children when they face a head lice infestation, and the chances of a child getting lice are pretty good. Approximately 6-12 million children get infested with lice per year and most of the time they get it from a friend at school through direct, head-to-head contact. It’s always good to be prepared and know about your lice recourses ahead of time. Nobody thinks lice will happen to their child but the reality is that there is a good chance of it.

A Little Bit About Wonderful St. Peters

St. Peters has been recognized twice by Money Magazine, as one of the top 100 best places to live in America. It is only fitting that we’d have the best lice treatment on the market just around the corner. We’re dedicated to educating families about lice removal and treating people of all ages with care. We strive to make the head lice process fun while we treat with our revolutionary and FDA-cleared AirAllé device. It’s the most effective treatment in the industry because it utilizes controlled, heated air to dehydrate lice and nits and doesn’t contain chemicals or pesticides of any kind. It’s the lice treatment every parent has been waiting for and we’d like to spread to word about it.

St. Peters is a city within St. Charles County and has a population of 52,575. It’s a great location, with Interstate 70 passing through it. Money magazine names St. Peters the 60th best place to live. For those who love shopping, take a visit to St. Peters. The city hosts the country’s largest shopping center, Mid Rivers Mall.

Super Lice

With super lice overrunning almost all states in the U.S, there is more of a need for the AirAllé lice treatment than ever before. It kills super lice the same way it kills regular lice and is as equally effective with both. Lice removal can be tricky, but we’ve got the tools to be successful at it every time. We are lice removal experts and as parents ourselves, we know how important it is to keep your children calm and happy while not putting them at risk by exposing them to harmful chemicals. Many lice treatments contain harmful substances that have been scientifically reported to have negative effects on children.

More and more parents are learning that drugstore lice treatments don’t conquer super lice. Unfortunately, they learn this after they’ve already spent time and money trying it out. If you reside in the St. Peters or St. Charles area and you’re stuck in a head lice crisis, give us a call and we’ll make it worth your while. We’re only about 9 miles from St. Peters and offer the best lice treatment around.

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