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What is Life Like for a Louse?

When trying to understand the best method of eliminating head lice, it can be beneficial to understand the life cycle of head lice and how they grow. Many products claim to kill head lice, but in fact, do nothing to prevent the eggs from hatching. As you come to understand the life cycle process of […]

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Black Death Plague and the Lice Connection

Recent research indicates that what scientists thought about the Black Death plague could be inaccurate. For centuries science has blamed the rapid spread of infection on the rat population during that time. It is only now that they are learning it may have in fact been due to human parasites, namely lice and fleas. What […]

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Can Adults Catch Lice, too?

We can not deny as parents that lice poses a risk for our school age children. Everywhere in the United States schools perform lice head checks, and many areas have lice clinics for people who need a professional opinion. However, did you know that adults are prone to lice in many public settings as well? […]

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Step by Step Guide to Removing Lice from Your Home

Here is a step by step guide in ensuring your home is totally free from lice and nits that may have been left to linger from an infected human head. After all members of your family have been effectively treated for head lice, ensuring your home is clean is the only way to prevent further […]

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How Should I Tell My Child They Have Lice?

Parenting is never easy. The scariest part of it is that the way we as caretakers handle situations is likely to rub off on our children. Little ears are always listening and little eyes are always watching. When problems occur that we are unsure how to solve it can be daunting. Talking to your child […]

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The Fear Factor – Head Lice in Your Home

Home sweet home. Where we live with our spouses, children and furry, four-legged friends. A place we love to be with the people we love to be with. A haven where we feel safe and can unwind from the stresses of life. We protect this home at any cost. Alarm systems, guard dogs, fences, locked […]

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Fun, Friends, Family and Fall

All through the months of October and November, there are opportunities to strengthen relationships with fall time activities that create memories and lasting bonds between loved ones. At Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles this is one of our favorite times of the year! We would like to give you some great ideas on ways […]

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Positive Discipline: Tips and Tricks For Parents- Part 1

positive discipline

There are fun and tender parts of parenting and there are hectic and stressful parts of parenting, such as when we have to discipline our children. Disciplining our children often falls into the less glamorous category of parenting.  How we treat these situations will mold our children into who they grow up to be. Here […]

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Listerine Treats Bad Breath But Is It An Effective Lice Treatment?


Lice treatment has changed over the last decade because lice are such complex, relentless little insects that are difficult to eradicate. Many home remedies have been tested and not one of them has been medically backed or proven to work. Listerine is among these home remedies and we certainly don’t recommend it. Most people find […]

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Most Frequently Asked Lice Questions


We know that parents have all kinds of lice questions, so we did some research to answer the four most frequently asked questions on Google. Here are the answers to your questions. How Long Will It Take For Lice Eggs To Hatch? If you’re asking this lice question then that means you know that lice […]

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