Holiday Head Lice Removal

Holiday head lice prevention st. charles missouri

As we gather around our family and friends this season, joy isn’t the only thing we can be sharing. Head lice can spread like crazy during the holiday season as we gather in tight rooms, hug long lost relatives, and send our children off to sleepovers. Preventing the spread of lice can be easy though if you follow a few simple reminders.

Lice spread easier during holiday breaks with people traveling from town to town, sharing bedding, more gatherings taking place, and children playing in large groups more often. It’s not uncommon for those with an infestation to still travel and visit others out of town for the season. If you find that someone in your household has lice it is best stay home and find them treatment.

It is good to remember lice can not jump or fly but instead crawl from person to person, and while lice tend to be most common in children, anyone coming in direct head to head contact is at risk. Head lice tend to prefer clean hair over those with dirty hair, washing your hair a bit less this season or keeping it in a braid, bun, or, other tight hair style can help keep the lice away.

To further prevent against lice during the holidays remind your children not to share things such as pillows, blankets, and, hair brushes. With many families traveling sharing bedding and grooming objects becomes common but can lead to outbreaks and the spread of head lice throughout a household. If someone is infected remind others not to lye down on any couch, bed, carpet, or, pillow that has come in contact with the person. The sharing of belongings plays less of a role in the spread of lice than direct contact but it is often better to be safe than sorry during this busy festive season.

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