Cleaning After A Head Lice Infestation

cleaning house after head lice

Getting rid of head lice is never an easy thing to do, but after ridding it from your head it can be a challenge to know how to remove it from the rest of your home.  Following an infestation on even one family member cleaning around the house is important. Head lice can be tough to get rid of on the scalp but it isn’t as difficult to remove after it has fallen off. Lice cannot live if it has no source to feed off of, so while it is important to thoroughly clean your house the extreme amount often expected isn’t always needed.

It’s important to wash any machine washable items. Clothing, bedding, towels, stuffed animals, etc., that came in contact with the lice up to two days before treatment needs to be washed. It’s important not to let anyone else come in contact with these items until they have been properly cleaned. Wash items on a hot water cycle and dry on high heat for at least twenty minutes. The heated wash and dry will remove and kill any lice left.

Carpets, mattresses, and flooring can simply be vacuumed and cleaned with everyday cleaning products. Be sure to vacuum your carpets thoroughly and to be safe even using some carpet cleaner may be a good idea. Other forms of flooring can simply be cleaned using any form of floor cleaner.

Hair brushes, combs, and hair accessories can also easily be cleaned after head lice. Simply bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Be sure the water is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The accessories need to soak for at least fifteen minutes in the water to kill the head lice and nits.

Items that cannot be cleaned in any of these ways can be dry cleaned or you can seal them in an air tight bag for up to two weeks to kill any remaining lice. The heat from dry cleaning will work to kill any remaining pests and the air tight seal though the most inconvenient will suffocate the lice and nits.

Ridding your home of head lice can be an overwhelming task but follow these easy cleaning tips to make things easier. Cleaning after lice doesn’t have to be a daunting task!

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