Beat Summer Boredom with A Summer Activity Jar

Summertime brings hotdogs roasting on the grill, beach balls, sunscreen and weeks of kids out of school. If your kids are anything like mine, a common phrase you will hear throughout the summer months is I’M BORED! Beat the summertime boredom with a Summer Activity Jar! This quick craft will help your kids have an endless supply of options for those lazy, summer afternoons when they can’t find anything to do.


  • Find an empty Mason Jar. Decorate the outside and lid anyway you would like. Better yet, ask your kids to do this part! That will keep them occupied for an hour or two.
  • Make a list of all your kid’s favorite hobbies or various activities available to do in your area.
  • Print out the list, cut out each activity and fold in half. Now place all of your ideas in the jar and keep it somewhere that kids will remember it for those boring days! Next time one of them whines to you about boredom, hand them the jar! This is an easy, great way to help kids think outside the box this summer and spend their time doing productive, creative and fun things.



-Paint a picture

-Sidewalk chalk a mural of your family

Make slime

Make homemade playdough and build a zoo out of playdough

-Dress up like a clown and perform some tricks to friends

-Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show

-Grow some sunflowers in a cup or outside in your garden

-Make a baking soda volcano

-Go on a picnic

-Visit an elderly person in your neighborhood

-Paint animals on rocks

-Start a bug collection

-Pick your mother a wildflower bouquet

-Make a time capsule

-Make a no-sew fleece blanket

-Build a birdhouse and leave some bird seed inside

-Make a scavenger hunt for your friends. Send them on it!

-Write a book of poetry

-Start a journal

-Write a book and illustrate it

-Learn to play an instrument

-Play Simon Says

-Make up a board game

-Bake a cake

-Go to a foreign restaurant and try a new food

-Read a book about someone your age

-Read a book about someone much older than you

-Find a pen pal and write real letters to send through the mail

-Walk your dog or your neighbors

-Make homemade popsicles

-Open a lemonade stand

-Bake brownies

-Climb a tree

Be Creative! Think of hundreds of more options for your Summer Activity Jar and help your kids have a summer to remember!

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