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Summertime Ways to Keep Kids School Ready

Summer is in full swing and that can mean that life gets a little hectic at home. Many parents worry that their kids will fall behind in the upcoming school year as they spend their summer days playing video games and sleeping in late. Here’s a few quick tips on keeping kids minds and bodies invigorated […]

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What are the Risks of Head Lice and Swimming?

Every kid loves to spend their summer days swimming with friends in a cool, refreshing pool. Some of the best summertime memories can be made while making a splash! So, as a parent have you ever wondered if swimming poses a risk for catching head lice? Can head lice swim? Does chlorine kill them? How […]

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Summer Camp Common Time for Head Lice

Parents know that when they send their kids off to summer camp there are certain precautions they should always remind them to take: bug spray, sunscreen, and lifejackets to name a few. Have you thought about the risks of head lice? The American Camp Association tells us that most summer camps report head lice are […]

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Beat Summer Boredom with A Summer Activity Jar

Summertime brings hotdogs roasting on the grill, beach balls, sunscreen and weeks of kids out of school. If your kids are anything like mine, a common phrase you will hear throughout the summer months is I’M BORED! Beat the summertime boredom with a Summer Activity Jar! This quick craft will help your kids have an […]

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Summer Activities In the St. Charles Area


Summer is here and sometimes we want to peel our kids away from their video games and get them out of the house to be active. Here are 5 things to do in the St.  Charles area, some of which are located in St. Louis. St. Louis Zoo I think it’s a pretty safe assumption […]

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