The AirAllé® Device A Game Changer for Head Lice


Chemically based head lice treatment shampoos and products have been on the market for decades, and quite honestly have been the most easily accessible and common treatment for head lice. Unfortunately, with these products have come concerns about the negative impacts such harsh toxins would have on those infected with head lice, specifically young children who are still growing and developing as they may be more prone to negative reactions or side effects.  The introduction of the AirAllé® device into the world of head lice removal has given parents a new, chemical free, fast, safe and very effective option. Who came up with the concept of the AirAllé® lice removal device? How does the machine work?

The Scientist Behind the AirAllé® Device

Dr. Dale Clayton had been studying the biology of birds and their feather lice throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s at Oxford University in England. In the muggy, damp English atmosphere there were no problems keeping the captive birds, such a pigeons, and their feather lice alive and therefore available to study throughout the course of their lives from egg to full adulthood. After some time, Dr. Clayton moved his lab to the dry, desert region that is home to the University of Utah where he transferred to teach as a professor of Biology. After a short period of time in his new lab it became evident that the environment there was not conducive to the feather lice living a long, and fruitful life. The lice and their eggs continually died off and became dehydrated by the harsher, less humid air. Dr. Clayton decided to try to save the feather lice in his science lab by using installed steam lines that created humidity into the rooms where the captive birds were being observed. This proved to be an effective course of action, as the problem was resolved and the feather lice were once again able to thrive.

It was around this time that Dr. Clayton ran into a lice problem in is own home. His school age children had caught a case of head lice and they were finding it incredibly difficult to eliminate the problem with the over the counter products and treatments that were available. Which bade the question to Dr. Clayton, is there a chemical free approach to killing head lice and eggs through dehydration or desiccation? He immediately started to come up with and test new ideas that involved a variety of experiments including heated blowers, rice bag caps, fitted heat caps with electrodes, and others. Ultimately, the AirAllé® lice removal device was the end result of years of study. This cleverly inventive product is engineered to move controlled, heated air directly onto the scalp without being too hot to cause discomfort to the skin. The end result is procedure that is over 99% effective in eliminating lice and their eggs.

A study was released to the public confirming the effectiveness of this new head lice removal product in the Journal of Medical Entomology in 2011. This study showed incredible results with killing head lice and their eggs, proving Dr. Clayton’s hard work has indeed created a lice removal product that can be trusted by parents across the United States. With just a thirty minute, one-time treatment, it is a safe, convenient and economical approach to removing head lice and their eggs.



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Where can I buy this airalle machine? I would like to give these treatments in my salon

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