Summertime Ways to Keep Kids School Ready

Summer is in full swing and that can mean that life gets a little hectic at home. Many parents worry that their kids will fall behind in the upcoming school year as they spend their summer days playing video games and sleeping in late. Here’s a few quick tips on keeping kids minds and bodies invigorated this summer break to help them bounce back into the school year without feeling behind.


  1. Read, read, read. Children need to stretch their literary muscles throughout the summer to help retain interest in learning and stay at the same level for their reading skills. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Find magazines, articles, crossword games, novels, graphic books or even online information about topics your child is interested in. Have them create activities on their own to coincide with what they learn, like painting a mural, writing a poem or even making up a board game.
  2. Use a reward system to help with reading. Local libraries often implement summer reading programs that can motivate kids to read, so why not try that at home! Whether it is earning a candy, a fun night out, a slumber party with friends, or whatever will motive your child, having them work towards a goal with a fun reward can be a huge factor in helping kids stay interested in reading.
  3. Use summer time to teach children about planning. Have kids help plan summer vacations.  Have them help navigate maps to vacation destinations. You can even have them help with meal planning for family events. These important life skills will keep their brains thinking and teach them some real life experience that will prove invaluable as they grow.
  4. Help kids earn money. Whether that means finding an actual summer job or looking for ways to earn a few dollars around the neighborhood, helping kids learn responsibility and earn their own cash is a great way to help keep them engaged this summer. A few ideas incude washing windows, walking dogs, mowing lawns or holding a bake sale!
  5. Try to keep a summer schedule. Some days there will obviously be exceptions, but for the most part try to keep kids on a summer schedule. Kids thrive on routine, they want to know what is expected of them and just generally are happier with structure. This will also make diving back into the school year easier for everyone!

We hope your summer is proving to be a great one! At Lice Clinics of America we strive to work with the community in keeping families happy, healthy and living life. Happy Summer! 








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