Why Do Head Lice Keep Coming Back?!

Every parent who has dealt with a case of head lice knows the feeling of frustration and stress it can bring. The only thing worse is when you realize several weeks later – the problem isn’t solved! Head lice can plague a household if the proper measure isn’t taken in the first place, and even then head lice can sometimes be sneaky enough to creep their way back into your life. Why is head lice so hard to eliminate? Here are the main reasons you may keep getting head lice at your home:


  1. Over the counter methods are NOT effective.

What does this mean? The active ingredient in the mainstream over the counter products has been overused for decades. This has created a new generation of head lice that are immune to these products. As often as you use them, they will simply not kill head lice or nits. The active ingredient, pyrethrin, can also potentially lead to problems if you use the product more often than directed in desperation. Be careful and realize that they are just not working.


  1.  Your entire family needs to be checked for head lice.

We get it. You have deep cleaned your whole house, twice. You have taken extra precautions to clean your child’s belongings that had head lice. Why do they keep pestering you?! The most common way head lice are transferred is through direct head to head contact. Where do we come into more close contact with one another than in our own homes? If one person in the household, usually a child between the ages of 3-10, contracts head lice it is highly likely that someone else, even a parent in the same house will catch it as well.


  1. Home remedies are not proven methods against head lice.

If you have been attempting to remove head lice through home remedy treatments such as mayonnaise, vaseline, essential oils or even, yikes,  kerosene…just stop. These methods are not proven to be effective treatments against head lice. Even if you are able to suffocate the adult head lice on the scalp, the nits or lice eggs will still be able to hatch in 7-9 days and reinfect your child.  


What is the solution?

The AirAllé® device is the ONLY method that boasts over 99% effectiveness in killing head lice and their eggs in a single treatment. This proven method used by Lice Clinics of America has been recently praised by the American Academy of Pediatrics and has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people eliminate head lice from their homes. Call our Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles today to speak with a lice care professional about how to solve your head lice problem once and for all!

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