Summer Head Lice Prevention Tips

two children swimming in a pool with floaties and goggles on a sunny summer day

Summer is here, and we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the weather. Most assume head lice only spike during the school season, but the truth is head lice enjoy all times of year. Sports, summer camps, and weather make the summer a perfect time for head lice to thrive. We’ve put together a few summer head lice prevention tips to help you and your family stay lice free this summer. 


Summer Head Lice Prevention

– Summer Camp

Summer camp is a great time for children learn, grow, and bond. Unfortunately, it is also a great time for head lice to spread. Head lice don’t discriminate and can infest children, administrators, and counselors alike. One of the best ways to prevent lice from spreading through the camp is to stop it before it arrives. We suggest pre-camp lice checks and having a professional clinic on call for your camp. Talk to camp goers about the importance of head lice prevention and easy ways to prevent lice. 

– Sports

Summer sports are loads of fun and great for getting out that summer energy. Close contact to teammates and sharing gear can be a wonderland for head lice though. Avoid sharing any gear or equipment that comes in contact with the head, hair, or shoulders. If you have long hair, keep it up in a tight hairstyle. Avoid touching heads or close contact in huddles or in contact sports. 

– Sleep Overs

Sleepovers can be one of the most exciting parts of your child’s summer. Play dates, sleepovers, and cookouts are a part of the summer fun, but head lice shouldn’t be. Remind your children to keep away from close head-to-head contact. Put children’s hair in up-do styles to keep it away from others. Teach kids not to share accessories like hair brushes, hair accessories, hats, etc. that come in contact with hair often. Perform post lice checks if outbreaks are prominent. 

– Swimming

It has long been a myth that chlorine from pools will kill head lice. This is not the case. Chlorine is not a favorite of head lice, but it is something head lice can survive. They can also hold their breath underwater for long periods of time. Don’t take your kids to the pool if they have head lice, instead take them to get their head lice professionally treated. To prevent lice at the pool, keep hair up. Be sure to perform a careful comb out after your pool day to check for lice.

– Keeping Hair Up

We’ve mentioned it several times but keeping hair up and out of the way is one of the best methods for head lice prevention. The most common way head lice spread from host to host is by direct contact. Keeping hair out of the way and preventing direct head-to-head contact is the best way to prevent lice. Be aware of how close your head is to others and keep hair out of the way. Those with long hair can style their hair in buns, braids, and other tight up-dos. Short hair can be covered with a hat to keep lice away. 

– Head Checks and Combing

Getting regular head lice checks can help you stay ahead of a large head lice infestation. During large outbreaks in your area, it is best to check for head lice often. This can help you detect head lice early and catch an infestation before it spreads to the rest of your family. Performing frequent comb outs to check for lice can help your stop and prevent the further spread of lice. 

Summer head lice prevention can help you enjoy the summer weather all day long and avoid the woes of summer head lice. Lice Clinics USA is here for all your summer lice prevention and treatment needs!