What Not To Do When Treating Head Lice


Many parents don’t know a single thing about head lice, which can be dangerous and lead to doing irrational and dangerous things. We’ve heard of parents doing all kinds of crazy things when it comes to treating head lice and usually it is out of panic. Here are 4 things not to do when finding lice on your child’s head.

Don’t Shave Your Child’s Head

I mean, if your child wanted a shaved head anyway, then that’s a different story, but there is no need to shave your child’s head when treating head lice, especially your little girls with long locks. A shaved head might be even more traumatic to your children than head lice itself. We don’t recommend putting your child through that. Will shaving the head get rid of head lice? Yes. Is it necessary? No. We want you to know that there are other options that can successfully treat head lice.

Don’t Pour Gasoline On Your Child’s Head

Yes, we’ve heard it. Using gasoline is extremely unnecessary, dangerous and might not even be effective. It’s so dangerous that it hasn’t even been tested. Do not pour toxic gas of any kind on your child — that is never a good idea. In fact, we don’t recommend “trying” anything that hasn’t been proven. We are often unaware of the side effects that certain ingredients and substances contain, even home remedies that seem harmless.

Don’t Use Mayonnaise When Treating Head Lice

Mayonnaise is one of the things that parents talk about on the internet when it comes to treating head lice. This makes us cringe because of all the negative consequences that have been reported including food poisoning from the mayonnaise. Yuck! Mayonnaise treatment usually requires some sort of plastic wrap to keep the mayonnaise suffocated to the head. What people don’t consider is the possibility of the plastic wrap coming off the head and wrapping around their nose and mouth in the middle of the night. No to mention that using mayonnaise to treat lice is one of the messiest lice treatments methods and is not medically proven to kill the lice eggs, which is a very important part of treating head lice.

Don’t Blame Anyone

When lice infestations happen, it’s important not to blame anyone, not even yourself. We promise it is not your fault and it is not your child’s fault. It is not your neighbor’s fault or your child’s teacher’s fault. It really isn’t anyone’s fault. Children get head lice from direct, head-to-head contact or less commonly, through sharing hair accessories. Sometimes lice infestations just happen! It is not harmful, we can easily treat it and it is unnecessary to blame anyone.

We know that finding lice can be scary but we hope you’ve been persuaded against doing a few things that are completely unnecessary when treating head lice. Don’t think irrationally and if you think you might, call us and we’ll think rationally for you, which will lead to successful lice treatment.

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