What To Expect at a Lice Clinic

Why go to Lice Clinics of America?

We know that lice clinic is a fairly new term that has recently been hitting the nation by storm. A lot of parents may not know what a lice clinic is, or what we do. In fact, we hear all the time that people don’t understand the purpose of a lice clinic when most people just take care of head lice at home. That is all a thing of the past.

Let us enlighten you! We are here to offer a better solution. There is a reason lice clinics are popping up all over the world. In fact, lice clinics of various names can be found throughout England, Spain, Denmark, Australia and the United States. This is not just a passing phase, but a revolutionary way to treat and exterminate head lice from your life quickly and affordably.


We are Professionals Who Deal With Lice Every Day

First and foremost at Lice Clinics of America, you will be treated by a professional, courteous and helpful member of our team. Having head lice has a certain stigma that can cause embarrassment and shame. You never have to feel judged or worried about being embarrassed when you are talking with our team. We know that head lice happens to the best of us!

We have seen thousands of head lice patients and have dealt with various scenarios, all with the same positive outcome! They leave our clinics head lice free.  We know that public schools will not allow children into classrooms if nits or head lice are present. We understand that head lice are showing immunities to over the counter shampoos. We know that every head of hair is different and there are advantages to certain procedures or treatments depending on the patient. Trusting the professional team at Lice Clinics of America will, in fact, save you money, time and headache in the long run.


We Care About Your Experience

When you step into our clinic you can feel reassured that we will walk you through every step of the process, determining together which option of treatment is best for your family. Our expert staff will thoroughly explain the process of the AirAllé® system that we most often recommend. This is an FDA-cleared medical device that has revolutionized the way head lice and their eggs are removed. We can also offer a variety of other exceptional head lice treatments, and clearly explain the pros and cons of each.

Ultimately, we will listen to you and answer any questions or concerns you may be feeling about the situation. We know that having head lice is a stressful situation. Our clinic is here to offer you a safe, clean, affordable and comforting solution!


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