Do Hair Straighteners Kill Lice?

person using white straightener on red hair to kill head lice

Straight ironing hair

There are lots of ideas on the internet on how to get rid of head lice at home. From mayonnaise hair masks to kerosene shampoo most of them don’t live up to the hype. We know that heat can be used to treat head lice but can you use a hair straightener to kill lice?


How Does Heat Kill Lice?


Heat can be effective at dehydrating and killing head lice and nits. Our lice treatment device uses a safe temperature to dehydrate and kill lice without damaging your scalp or hair. The constant air creates a dry environment that lice can not survive in. Devices like hair dryers may seem like a good at home alternative to this, but they can be dangerous. Blow dryers operate at a much higher heat and air flow. This can cause damage to your scalp and hair, potentially burning you. We designed our device with safety in mind and a special shape to reach all lice.


Does a Hair Straightener Kill Lice?


Hair straighteners are another at home heated device that many turn to for head lice removal. Unfortunately, the heat from straighteners is limited to the device’s area. Like blow dryers the heat is too high to safely use without damaging your hair. Since straighteners can only heat a small portion of your hair at a time, they often miss a lot of lice. Lice can crawl away from the heat as the straightener moves. Nits that are close to the scalp may not be able to be reached with a straightener. This means they will soon hatch and cause another infestation. They are not worth the risk  or damage caused to hair. 


Be safe when removing head lice and visit the professionals at Lice Clinics USA. Our device is designed for head lice and can safely remove your entire infestation.