Cleaning Your Childs Bedroom After Head Lice

Person Cleaning a Bedroom

Person Cleaning a Bedroom

When you find out someone if your household has head lice it can be an overwhelming experience. Not only do you have to figure out how to treat the infestation but clean up after it. Knowing your children have had head lice can cause a whole new variety of concerns when it comes to cleaning their rooms. Cleaning your child’s bedroom after head lice doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. 


Head Lice Facts


First off, it’s important to know the facts about head lice so you can be best prepared for them. Head lice do not jump or fly to new hosts but instead spread through direct head to head contact. This means having your children avoid putting their heads near each other or using each other’s accessories that come in close contact with the head can help prevent lice from spreading. Head lice can not survive long without a host either. This means head lice that is in your child’s bedroom cannot live long and you shouldn’t panic. 


What Should You Clean?


Knowing that lice are only transferred through direct contact can help you determine what to clean. To be on the cautious side we recommend the following 


  • Wash all clothing and bedding your child has used. Wash in hot water and dry on a hot cycle. The heat will help kill off any living lice.
  • Stuffed animals, pillows, and other items that cannot be washed easily can go in the dryer on high heat for at least 30 minutes.
  • Toys and hard plastic items like hair brushes can be boiled in hot water to kill off any remaining lice.
  • Mattresses, chairs, car seats, carpets, and sofas can be vacuumed. 
  • Other items that cannot be vacuumed or put in the dryer can be bagged in an airtight bag and left for 24-48 hours until lice die off. 


Getting Rid of Head Lice


Getting rid of lice in your home can be as simple as an easy home cleaning. Getting rid of head lice infestations in your family can be harder. Let the head lice professionals at Lice Clinics USA St Charles help get you and your children lice free. We can give advice on lice clean up and remove any infestations without the use of harsh chemicals. Don’t let head lice overwhelm your family, let the lice experts at Lice Clinics USA St Charles remove lice, guaranteed today.