Can Lice Spread in Swimming Pools?

family floating on floaties in swimming pool

Summer is in full swing and that means lots of family fun days in the pool. Gathering with friends and family to cool off from the summer heat can be just what is needed. But when head lice infestations begin to spread, is swimming worth the risk? Can lice spread in swimming pools?

Does Pool Chlorine Kill Lice

It might seem like a great idea to drown your lice in the chlorine treated water. The chemicals may seem like a great way to kill off the pesky bugs, but unfortunately it’s not enough. Head lice are hardy pests and the water and chlorine are not enough to kill them. Head lice can close their bodies for extended periods of time and survive the swim. The chlorine will have no effect on the nits and louse. 

Do Lice Spread in Swimming Pools?

Head lice may not be killed by the conditions of the swimming pool, but they are still alive. The good news is head lice will remain attached to their human host while in the water. This means lice will not be floating around in the water waiting to attach to a new host. In this sense head lice will not spread through the pool. However, head lice can still spread through direct contact. Swimming with lice itself will not cause a spread. Direct contact of heads or hair while in the pool can lead to a spread. This means spreading lice in the pool is extremely uncommon unless through direct contact.

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