How to Avoid Head Lice at Summer Camp

LCA St. Charles how to avoid lice at summer camp

Spring is well under way and summer is fast approaching, with the end of the school year nearing summer camp plans are at the fore front. Finding the perfect summer camp for your child can help them gain confidence, build friendships, and establish independence. Camp can be the experience of a lifetime but can also […]

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The Hidden Costs of DIY Lice Treatments

Professional lice treatments can be expensive and are often thought to be the most expensive option for taking care of yours and your families head lice. Professional remedies can often be the cheaper and more effective option though compared to DIY, or home remedy, options. Home remedies also bring safety risks, chemical exposure, and a […]

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Don’t Pack Head Lice on Your Spring Vacation

It’s been a long winter and the whole family is ready for a break from the everyday drain of work and school. Many families and individuals are about to embark on trips to various destinations on tropical vacations and to family destinations. This short break is meant for fun and sun, the last thing your […]

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Cleaning After A Head Lice Infestation

cleaning house after head lice

Getting rid of head lice is never an easy thing to do, but after ridding it from your head it can be a challenge to know how to remove it from the rest of your home.  Following an infestation on even one family member cleaning around the house is important. Head lice can be tough […]

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A Lice Free Resolution!

St. Charles, MO New Year Head Lice

The holidays have been stressful enough without adding in the headache of head lice. Families are busy enough in the New Year cleaning, shopping, and getting ready to go back to work and school. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the peak seasons for head lice outbreaks. After spending the holiday season traveling and hosting guests […]

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Holiday Head Lice Removal

Holiday head lice prevention st. charles missouri

As we gather around our family and friends this season, joy isn’t the only thing we can be sharing. Head lice can spread like crazy during the holiday season as we gather in tight rooms, hug long lost relatives, and send our children off to sleepovers. Preventing the spread of lice can be easy though […]

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At Halloween Head Lice Come Haunting

Its that time of year when ghouls come out to play and werewolves roam the night streets. Did you also know it’s prime time for head lice outbreaks? Here’s what every witch and Dracula should know to protect their little monsters this Halloween season. Tips for Staying Head Lice Free This Halloween: Beware of Sharing […]

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October National Bullying Prevention Month

There are many situations in which a child might find themselves the victim of bullying. If your child is dealing with a head lice infestation and their peers decide to pick on them, it can turn into a bullying situation. Here’s what parents should consider when it comes to preventing bullying for your child.   […]

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Be A Pro-Active Parent – Avoid Head Lice

It seems like over the past few years the head lice game as taken a drastic turn. No longer are parents able to simply talk to kids about not sharing hair brushes, or using their friend’s bedtime pillow. It takes a more proactive approach to keep kids protected against head lice, and even than sometimes […]

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Head Lice, Our Experience

I am a regular mom who loves spending time with her kids, learning to cook, jogging and making crafts. I have two boys and two girls and I spend most of my time running them around from soccer practice to choir to football games. I like to think that in most situations I am a […]

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