Have Super Lice Got You Super Worried?


Super lice from a parent’s perspective can make you break out in a sweat at the very thought. What are super lice!? How would I know if my child had super lice? Where would I even begin to get rid of them? Never fear worried parents everywhere. Lice Clinics of America is your source for all things head lice, even super lice. The best course of action, prevention and how to stop the spreading are all part of the expertise we offer.

“Super lice” is the phrase that has been coined to describe lice that have developed an immunity to common over the counter treatments that have been popular in the United States for the last 28 years. The main ingredient in these shampoos and ointments is called permethrin, chemically a synthetic pyrethrin. Common lice killing products contain this as the active ingredient. So, what are the risks when dealing with super lice? Not only will the medicated shampoo not effectively kill the live lice bugs, but the lice eggs will remain alive as well. Nits, or lice eggs, hatch with 7-9 days of being laid onto a human scalp.  If you read the directions on a bottle of over the counter lice shampoo, it specifically states that the product will NOT kill lice eggs. You are required to re-apply it after 9 days to ensure you have killed the newly hatched lice as well. Then again 18 days after to really make sure you killed them all. Super lice, as previously mentioned, are showing serious immunities to permethrin leaving parents hopeless and desperate for a solution. These problematic pests have been reported in 48 of the states in the United States. In fact, the CDC warns that up to 12 million children in the United States will contract head lice this year. With those kind of stats, every parent should be aware of the signs and symptoms.

In comes the AirAllé device, a modern technology that uses rapid air movement to dehydrate lice AND their eggs. This treatment option is done in less than an hour and guarantees the removal of all lice and eggs. Many parents struggle with using store bought products over and over, in the end struggling for weeks with the problem and money down the drain. This quick, cost effective, painless solution can offer parents peace of mind that the problem will be solved and not spread to the entire household.

Parents should also have a nit comb to regularly check their child’s scalp for signs of a lice outbreak. Carefully part your child’s hair off into sections. Take each section of hair and sift through it with the nit comb, checking for any eggs or live lice that may be falling off onto the comb. Dip the comb into water or wipe with a paper towel after each section of hair is combed through. This is a great way to get a jump on the head lice problem if you or your child encounters one.  

Remember, prevention is much easier than elimination. Warn child of the risks of head lice before they contract it. Talk to them about sharing headgear, hair accessories and being cautious when using hand held electronic devices to avoid head to head contact.

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