Most Frequently Asked Lice Questions


We know that parents have all kinds of lice questions, so we did some research to answer the four most frequently asked questions on Google. Here are the answers to your questions.

How Long Will It Take For Lice Eggs To Hatch?

If you’re asking this lice question then that means you know that lice lay eggs and that’s a good start. It takes approximately 7-10 days for a nit to hatch into a live louse. Then they start out as a nymph, which is a baby louse and grow into adulthood about 7 days later.  Adult lice can lay eggs and they typically live for 30 days. Even though adult lice live only for about 30 days, a lice infestation can last for a very long time because they lay eggs and then those lice lay eggs and so on. When treating head lice, killing the live lice AND their nits is a very important step that must not be overlooked.

Are Head Lice Contagious?

Yes they are. They are not a bacterium or a virus that can spread through germs but they can certainly be spread through head-to-head contact which is the most common way to get it. It can also spread through sharing items and accessories such as combs and brushes and clothing.

What Color Are Head Lice?

Wondering what head lice look like? An adult louse is very small and grayish-white or tan in color. They are no bigger than a sesame seed. Nymphs are even smaller and harder to see in the hair. Nits secrete a glue-like substance that glues themselves to the hair shaft so they won’t come out by shaking the hair, they must be pulled out individually. Using a lice comb is easiest. Nits are yellow, brown or tan in color.

Now you know some basics about head lice. We didn’t quite answer all your lice questions? No problem. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll answer all your lice questions and tell you all about our lice treatments.

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