Listerine Treats Bad Breath But Is It An Effective Lice Treatment?


Lice treatment has changed over the last decade because lice are such complex, relentless little insects that are difficult to eradicate. Many home remedies have been tested and not one of them has been medically backed or proven to work. Listerine is among these home remedies and we certainly don’t recommend it. Most people find Listerine lice treatment to be a waste of time and money.

Why Doesn’t Listerine Work?

Well, it might work if you constantly pour it on the head for three days straight, but that is unrealistic. Nits (lice eggs) have a protective coating that acts as a waterproofing agent and it can take up to 24 hours for suffocation to occur. Many lice treatments are designed to suffocate lice but even a handful of drugstore products that were created to kill lice through suffocation don’t work anymore because of the resistance of super lice. Lice have evolved to resist against chemicals in lice treatments. Listerine’s active ingredient is alcohol, combined with Eucalyptol, Thymol, Menthol, Methyl and Salicylate. The only chemical that works to suffocate lice effectively is dimethicone. A product must contain a high concentration of dimethicone to work or of course, there’s always our AirAllé®  that works effectively every time by dehydrating the lice and their nits with heated air.

We Have Lice Treatment That Does Work

If you’re faced with head lice, we recommend our AirAllé® treatment first. If you would like to treat your child’s lice at home, then we recommend our do-it-yourself home kit where we will give you all the supplies and directions and you can treat them in the comfort of your own home at a very reasonable price. This one is more time-consuming but more budget-friendly. When it comes to effective lice treatments, we’re the ones to call and you can read all about our different lice treatment options from the ones we do to the ones you do at home.

Listerine may kill bad breath, but it doesn’t kill head lice.

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