Live. Love. Lice.

February is the time of year everyone is thinking of those they love. Yet as a parent, you know every day of your life is spent with your children and spouse in mind. When a lice infestation hits your house things can get incredibly stressful, making it a little harder to keep your cool and show patience and love. Here are easy, quick ideas to express that extra love when you’re dealing with head lice in your home or any other time in life. It’s always a good idea to spread the love!

Loving Ways to Live:

Family Time – Every week set aside a special time/day to be with your family. Have a family council to talk about schedules or upcoming events, play a game, watch a favorite movie. Spending quality time with your family is a great way to show your love and to build memories. Treat this time like an important appointment to keep it consistent. 

Eliminate Electronics – Shut off the electronic devices when you are together. Every night have a “powered down” dinner. Turn off devices and focus on what really matters, the people there in front of you.

Homemade Valentine’s to Spread the Love – Take a piece of construction paper or cardstock for each family member and draw, print or color their name in the middle. Now using colored pens or markers have everyone in the family write the things they love about that individual. Roll up the paper, attach it to a ribbon and their favorite candy bar. This would be a wonderful way to express love to all your family this Valentine’s Day!

Spend Time Individually– Every day take a few moments and pay attention to each person in your family. Whether it’s just before bedtime, right before you send them off to the school bus, or while you’re preparing a family dinner to ask them how their day was and really take a minute to listen. As parents, it is easy to let our problems and worries overtake our time. A wise man once said, “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”  Stop what you’re doing, forget about your problems for a brief moment and show your child or spouse that they are important in your life.

Praise Your Loved Ones – Notice throughout the day one or two things your family members do that make a difference to others. Do not hesitate to express your pride in them! Tell them how awesome they are, and show them you notice their efforts! A little kind word can go a long way in creating a loving environment in a home. In fact, take it a step further. Try to push aside negativity and focus on the positive. Suppress the need to nitpick, point out flaws or correct mistakes. Instead, just build them up! The results could surprise you!

Head Lice Checks – As you are aware, head lice checks offer a great way to protect your family from head lice spreading. If you are continually doing head lice checks it is a good way to catch the problem early on. Sit down with your child as you are checking their hair and take the time to talk. Come prepared with three or four detailed questions that will help them open up and talk about their life. A parents involvement can make all the difference in the life of a child.

If you are unsure what to look for, call the Lice Clinics of America local office for tips. Professional advice is just one phone call away!


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