Keeping Kids Active Shows Many Health Benefits

As parents, we all know that kids have energy to spare. What better way to help them work some of it out than getting your kids involved in local sports programs and activities? There are many benefits to kids participating in sports, physical activities and being part of a team. Social skills, physical benefits, and even leadership opportunities can help them grow up to be a more well-rounded individual ready to face life.


Sports help with a positive self-image. When children are participating in a team sport they learn to be confident and play hard. As they participate in weekly practices and work at home with parents or older siblings, their abilities improve and they feel that they can accomplish things. As children score goals, play defense, or even just finish a season having made friends and learned a skill they are filled with pride and optimism.


Teamwork skills and leadership skills are an essential part of life. While children play on a team their personality traits can come out in ways that you never expected. Some show true leadership and others learn to let go of their own way of thinking and listen to a coach or team captain for the benefit of the team. Either way, learning to get along with others and work together for a common goal is an amazing benefit of children playing organized sports.


Kids feel stress, too! Exercising lets your body blow off steam, creates a strong healthy body, and keep kids happy. Working with teammates and making friendships is a huge part of their lives. If they feel like they fit in and have friends kids will be able to go far in life.


Regular exercise is key to helping kids grow into healthy adults. In the United States, one is six children are considered overweight according to the American Heart Association. This is creating a range of health problems seen in school-age children that haven’t been present in other generations until adulthood, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and even high cholesterol.


Beware of head lice, on and off the field. Even as your kids are playing sports and interacting with teammates the chances of catching head lice are increased. Direct head to head contact is the most common way head lice are passed from kid to kid. Talk to your team about not sharing helmets, hats, towels or anything that could transfer head lice. Also, make sure your little athlete is showering after every practice and game to keep proper hygiene habits going. Keeping on top of this can help your kids stay active and healthy without the worry of head lice.

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Eliza Harding says December 15, 2021

I like how you mentioned that the children will learn to play hard and be confident when participating in a team sport. My son was requesting to me if he could join in a basketball sport in the summer, I told him that he can but make sure to be safe. Thanks for this informative article and I’ll be sure to find a trusted program that offers kids sports to enroll my son.

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