Head Lice Checklist: Have You Marked Off?

It can be quite a lot to remember each step that is required to ultimately get rid of a head lice problem in your home. With the help of our checklist, make sure you take the time to complete each step to ensure that there are no traces of head lice or nits left to reinfect your family. Dealing with head lice once is bad enough. No one wants to have a second round of problems because a few details were overlooked.

Head Lice Checklist: How to Get Rid of Lice Once and For All

  • Screen Everyone for Head Lice.

First things first, we need to ensure that head lice and egg are eliminated from the infected people in your home. Make sure that ALL family members are screened for head lice. Lice Clinics of America offer head lice checks that can give you the assurance all members of your family have been treated that need to be. Remember dogs and cats, or any other pets, do not pose a risk for head lice.


  • Find the Best Source of Elimination for You.

Lice Clinics of America offers a few great options for you when it comes to killing head lice and their eggs. Our most popular solution is the quick, effective, and pain-free method called AirAllé (pronounced air-a-lay). This is is an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and 99.2 percent of lice eggs in a single, one-hour treatment at your local Lice Clinic of America. We also offer at home kits with everything you need to effectively kill head lice at home. These products feature active ingredients proven to work and kill all traces of head lice and eggs.


  • Thoroughly Disinfect Items Used On Hair.

The best method for disinfecting hair brushes, hair combs, hair clippies or any such items that are used on the scalp is to soak them in bleach water for 30 minutes. Remove them from the water and rinse them off with warm water. Any items in the household for the hair that could have been used by someone with head lice within the last 48 hours need to be cleaned as well.


  • Wash Bedding.

Take all bedding from the place that head lice could be lingering and wash them in a hot wash. If items are unable to be placed in a washing machine, throw them in a dryer on a hot heat setting for 20-30 minutes. Another option is to bag stuffed animals, bedding, decorative pillows or other items and keep them contained for up to a week. Head lice do not survive for more than 48 hours after leaving a human host. Nits are also unable to thrive without the warmth and humidity the human body provides.


  • Deep Clean The Home.

Couches, bean bags, carpeting, car seats, or anywhere head lice could be lingering need to be wiped down with a cloth and/or vacuumed thoroughly.


  • Inspect Heads Often to Ensure Head Lice Are Indeed Gone.

Sometimes after 7-9 days, nits can hatch that were left on the head and cause a whole new infestation. Nitpicking combs are a great way to sift through the hair and make sure no traces of nits or head lice are left behind.


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