How Hard is it to Get Rid of Lice?

Lice Clinics of America is your best source for all questions and concerns regarding head lice. We offer parents useful solutions that have been trusted by thousands of parents across the country. Many questions we get when a parent brings a child in with a case of head lice involve how long will this problem persist?

The answer depends quite a lot on YOU! Many different options are available to treat head lice. Choosing the most effective treatment to eliminate head lice and their eggs is the first essential step in ridding you of this horrible problem.


Option #1 – Choosing over the counter shampoos

Many parents opt for over the counter shampoos that require up to three separate applications, each 7 to 9 days apart. With this in mind, the first shampooing eliminates all adult head lice on the scalp. The second and third application will kill any new head lice eggs, or nits, that hatch within that 7-9 day period.

Pros: This process is done in your own home on your own time. It is also an inexpensive route as long as the shampoo you are using is actually effective against head lice.

Cons: New super lice have shown strong immunities to the active ingredient in over the counter shampoos. Lice Clinics of America does offer a viable solution if you choose to go this route, but we recommend not relying on store-bought shampoos from the local drug store. This application also leaves traces of nits on the scalp, which means that they can spread to items and other people around the house. The process ultimately takes up to three weeks to actually show results.


Option #2 – Home Remedies

Other people decide to search the internet for options that include suffocating the head lice with mayonnaise, using essential oils on the scalp, etc. Many blogs all across the internet have multiple “old wives” tales of how to do this yourself at home.

Pros: Very inexpensive.

Cons: This approach is simply not going to work. You will be dealing with an ongoing problem for many weeks until you decide to take action with something scientifically proven to kill head lice and nits.


Option #3 – The AirAllé device at your local Lice Clinics of America

The facts are in, and science has proven that the most effective method for eliminating head lice and their eggs is through the FDA cleared, revolutionary method called the AirAllé. This device uses a process of heated air to dry out and kill head lice and their eggs in a single, 90-minute application at your local Lice Clinic of America.

Pros: Once and done! We guarantee this treatment to be effective. You can leave the lice clinic head lice free. The cost of repeated shampoos and other applications over time prove to add up quickly. This one-time fee is definitely worth the investment and time you will save.

Cons: A little more money up front, but ultimately will probably save you money once other products are bought and used multiple times.


Check out this link for more information on the effectiveness and science behind our most trusted treatment, the AirAllé® device.

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