Catching Head Lice An Increasingly Common Dilemma

Between running kids from sports practices, catching up on homework and keeping the laundry clean parents hardly have time to worry about head lice. Unfortunately, in recent years the problem has started to become even more prevalent in the United States. Why is that?  Here are some of the reasons you should be more alert about head lice than ever.


Reason #1 – Head Lice are Growing Immune to Lice Shampoo

If you haven’t heard the term “super lice” yet, you might be wondering what in the world they are. What “super lice” really means is that head lice have developed immunities over the last thirty years to a chemical called pyrethrin, the active ingredient in store-bought lice shampoo. When these products hit the shelves in the 1990’s they became the first option for most parents when their home became infested with head lice. Much in the same way humans develop immunities over time to certain medications or illnesses, head lice are showing us that evolution does actually ring true. These products are proving to not work and leaving many parents uneasy, stressed out and looking for an option that actually works. This is ultimately causing the spread of head lice more often than in recent times past.


Reason #2 –  When Chemicals Don’t Work Parents Are Reaching for the Mayo

After a few rounds with non-effective lice shampoo many parents are hitting the internet for home based solutions. Mayonnaise, olive oil, coconut oil, Listerine, Vodka and even kerosene are remedies you will find online when searching the internet in a desperate attempt for answers. There is nothing wrong with looking for home-based solutions and trying to save some money. The problem is, in the long run these solutions will actually not kill the lice eggs, or nits present on an infected person’s head. As the eggs stay present, they are much more likely to spread to others in your household, and potentially an even worse problem on your hands. The mayo or oils may in fact suffocate the active lice, but in 7-9 days when the lice eggs hatch, a whole new batch of bugs will be there to start the process over. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control advocates that this is not a viable solution for treating head lice. There is no scientific evidence that it works.


Reason #3 – Kids are Catching Head Lice While Using Electronic Devices

Technology has drastically changed the world in ways we couldn’t have ever imagined. One of those differences is the way that young people interact with each other. Instead of simply playing a game of baseball at the park, young people engage together with handheld devices for hours at a time. While they are playing their favorite games or posting selfies they can be seen sitting closely knit, heads pressed together laughing and talking over their iPod, iPad, smartphone or gaming device. As as a result, we are seeing this generation of kids passing head lice around into their pre-teen and high school years. Junior Highs and High Schools are infected and head lice are transferred to unaware students as they snuggle up for a selfie. Talk to your kids about the dangers of head lice. Limit screen time and make sure that they are being cautious.


As you can see the risks for head lice in all school-age children are increasing. Lice Clinics of America, St. Charles is your go-to source for effective, affordable and lasting solutions to head lice cases. The new technology our staff uses is over 99% effective at eliminating lice and their eggs in a single, safe treatment. We are here to appease your concerns about head lice. Call our office today if you have questions or to seek help.

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