Top Toys for the Kids on Your Nice List

Holidays are times for creating happy memories with your family. We took the time to research some of 2017’s best toys to help you with your holiday shopping list. These choices are sure to be a hit for the children in your life this holiday season and for years to come.


Toys for the Tech Kids

-VRSE Virtual Reality Sets. Technology savvy kids are super excited about this new gaming toy. Sync this set up with a downloadable app to your smartphone or tablet, place the reality set over your eyes and your child has just entered a new world! With a 360 degree panoramic view it will feel like they have just stepped foot into Jurassic World Park to run from T-Rex or Gotham City to fight alongside of Batman.


-Game Smart Watch for Kids. These 1.5 inch screen watches do much more than tell time! Designed for children they have built-in learning games, an alarm clock, timing functions, and even a camera! These colorful clocks have touch screen features that allow children to select the game of their choice, change their own time, set their own alarms and add special effects to photos. They will love having a smartwatch all their own.


Interactive Play

-Hatchimals. Your child will discover the mystery of life as they care for a new, glittery egg. They watch over it, tap it and listen for a tap back. They can hold it up to their ear and hear a new heartbeat! When they are ready your child will help it to hatch a new, furry friend for them to teach and become acquainted with. Interacting with their new pal they can teach them to play games, say words, sing songs and spend hours of nurturing fun with their hatchimal.


-Luvabella Doll. Baby dolls have gone to a whole new level of play. Luvabella doll is the next best thing to a real, live baby. The loving little girl on your list will play with her new doll, feed her, burp her, sing to her, and even laugh as she baby coos and repeats back over 100 words! The more you play with Luvabella the more she learns and grows. This gift will definitely win the heart of the little ladies in your life.


-Fingerlings Baby Monkeys. These entertaining, lovable little monkeys literally attach to you! They are miniature 5 inch tall monkeys that are animated to grab onto your fingers and go with your child anywhere. They can even hang upside down as their tails wrap around your finger. A stand comes with your monkey also to keep them on when you’re not playing. These cute little critters come in a unicorn variety as well.

furReal Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger. What kid has never dreamed of owning a playful tiger? This interactive pet is so fun to play with! A Tiger cub of their very own to cuddle with and it purrs! They pet him and his eyes close. He responds to sound and touch and moves with over 100 different gestures.  He comes with his own chicken toy that he will chase when your child makes it squeak! He is sure to make a lovable addition to your child’s life.

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