Quick Facts About Head Lice

facts about head lice

What have you heard about head lice? Did you know that about 6-10 million kids get head lice per year? Or that lice have evolved into super lice, making them resistant to many over-the-counter lice treatments? This has made head lice much more difficult to get rid of. Most parents know they don’t want their child to get lice, but don’t know much else about them such as what they are, how they spread or how to treat them. Did you know that adults can get lice too? In fact, anyone can get lice but they are most common among young kids. Here are some quick facts about head lice. Head lice are:

  • Small, 6-legged parasitic insects
  • Grayish-white in color
  • One of the top 3 reasons kids miss school
  • Very common among children.
  • Not dangerous,
  • A huge nuisance
  • Not linked to cleanliness or hygiene
  • Wingless insects that don’t jump or fly
  • Not able to live on pets or any animals
  • Only able to survive on a human head with hair to attach to and blood to feed on
  • Are not able to live in the home for more than 24 hours
  • very small — about the size of a sesame seed and can be very hard to spot
  • Most happy in a warm, dark environment and will run fast when light shines on them
  • Often mistaken for dandruff
  • Spread through direct head-to-head contact such as bumping heads while hugging, playing or taking selfies
  • Also spread by sharing items such as brushes and combs
  • Treated in approximately 90 minutes at our clinic with a guarantee that they won’t come back
  • Very contagious

We hope our facts about head lice were helpful to you. If you find yourself looking head lice in the eye, give us a call for the best lice treatment on the market. We are experts when it comes to lice and our revolutionaryAirAllé treatment is sure to get you back to your normal routine. Call for a head check and lice treatment today!

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