The Hidden Costs of DIY Lice Treatments

Professional lice treatments can be expensive and are often thought to be the most expensive option for taking care of yours and your families head lice. Professional remedies can often be the cheaper and more effective option though compared to DIY, or home remedy, options. Home remedies also bring safety risks, chemical exposure, and a greater risk of infecting other family members. Professional lice removal for several family members can be expensive but the most expensive lice treatment for most families is repetitive home remedy attempts. When most DIY options just are not as effective or efficient it’s best to skip the extra cost and steps and go right for the good stuff: the professional treatment. Here are some extra added costs you might be paying if you aren’t seeing a professional for your lice treatment needs.

Over the Counter Treatments

Treatments off the store shelves just simply don’t work, they just aren’t effective at ridding and keeping away lice. With new strains of ‘super lice’ making their rounds often times something stronger is needed. Stronger doesn’t necessarily mean more chemicals but simply more effective, like our controlled scientifically-backed treatment. A chemical free guaranteed proprietary lice treatment to treat your lice. Over the counter treatments may only create more of a problem by ridding the lice for a short period only for it to return unnoticed and cause it to spread further.

Dry Cleaning and Replacing Items

The feeling of lice often brings the urge to throw everything away. Every towel, sheet, pillow, and sometimes even mattress the person has touched. Things that can’t be replaced we feel the need to clean over and over until there is no possible way a single lice could be living on it. The truth is lice can not live more than 24 hours without the environment of a host scalp. Lice traveling from objects or clothing is not as common as many assume. There often is no need to spend so much money on replacing items and over cleaning just be sure to follow proper lice cleaning practices.

Missing Work

One of the most expensive parts of lice is the child care. Children are more likely to get lice during the school year and thus will need to miss school if they do. Most schools have a policy on head lice that doesn’t allow a student to attend if head lice is found on them, this means either paying for a sitter or having to take time off work. Taking time off work is never easy, but finding someone willing to watch your head lice infested child can also be a difficult task. You may end up having to pay extra to find someone willing to watch your child if they have head lice.

The Professional Alternative

Though it often seems the more expensive choice professional lice treatments save big in the long run. They often require only one treatment or come with a lice free guarantee. Not to mention the professionals can help give you all the tips a tricks you need for keeping and staying lice free afterwards without spending a ton of money. A professional treatment like the one you’ll get here at the Lice Clinics USA can have you lice free in no time and back to work, school, and play.

If you have any questions or need a head lice removal treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us. At Lice Clinics USA – St. Charles, MO, which proudly serves St. Charles, O’Fallon, Chesterfield and surrounding areas in Missouri, we are here to help! Our proprietary removal process is the only guaranteed way to remove head lice in 1 quick, easy, and safe treatment, so your kids and family members can get back to the things they enjoy. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 636-544-9452!

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