Fourth Of July Activities For Kids


Fourth of July is next week, how exciting! The fourth of July is a very fun and festive holiday and gives us an excuse to lounge by the pool, attend barbecues, host parties, play with fireworks, wear patriotic colors, eat too much and celebrate the independence of our wonderful nation. However, the Fourth of July is more than fireworks and barbecues, this federal holiday marks the day our great country was unified as a nation. That’s something to celebrate and learn about. For years and years, on the Fourth of July, we have been celebrating the things that make our nation so great. Sometimes it’s hard to keep our kids entertained and amused on the fourth of July. Here are 5 activities, brought to you by that are educational and entertaining for kids on the Fourth of July.

  • DIY Fourth of July Wand

Your kids might like watching the fireworks, but maybe they are scared to get too close to them. Fireworks can be scary and loud. Making this patriotic wand can be their perfect Fourth of July accessory to feel involved in the firework fun but not have to be scared of flames in their face. It’s easy to make and a big hit among children.

  • Host a Bike Parade

This is a very fun idea. Gather the kids on your block and tell them to bring their bicycles. Provide fun decorations and give them a time limit to decorate their bike however they would like. Then stage a parade down the block. This will be adorable to watch and the kids will have beaming smiles as they show off their decorated bikes. This is a fun tradition to create in your neighborhood. Perhaps a new parent can be in charge of it each year.

  • Play Patriotic Games

Nothing screams Fourth of July like playing fun outdoor games like relay races and water balloon tosses with the teams being Americans vs. the British. It’s also very entertaining and hilarious to watch pie eating contests or hot dog eating contests. The winners of each game get a prize and get to be the champion… until next year.

  • Baking

What is a holiday without tons of baked goods? Baking with your kids on the Fourth of July can be a great experience for you and your kids. You can take the opportunity to teach your kids the basics of baking and let them decorate cookies. The things you bake can be a tradition that they carry onto their own families someday.

  • Learn About The Declaration of Independence

What is the Declaration of Independence? Who signed it? Why did people sign it? These are some questions your kids might have and the Fourth of July is the perfect time to teach your kids some history about our nation and teach them about this historic document. It can be fun and educational.

We hope you like some of these activities and no matter what you do next Tuesday, we hope you have a great time with family and friends. Happy Fourth of July!

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