Five Amazing Facts About The AirAllé® Treatment


Lice Clinics of America is a nationwide company that offers the latest, most effective head lice treatments available. At Lice Clinics of America our most popular treatment against head lice, the AirAllé® Treatment is taking the head lice industry by storm.

In fact, we are proud to recognize that in 2015 the American Academy of Pediatrics changed their recommended procedures against head lice to include the use of our new, revolutionary product. “The AirAllé® (Larada Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT) device is a custom-built machine that uses one 30-minute application of hot air in an attempt to desiccate the lice. One study showed that subjects had nearly 100% mortality of eggs and 80% mortality of hatched lice.”

Why would the AAP be recommending the AirAllé® Treatment? The facts speak for themselves.


#1 – The AirAllé® Treatment contains no harsh chemicals or harmful fumes.
In the 1990s new products were introduced to the market that used the active ingredient Pyrethrum to kill head lice. These products require three separate applications to successfully eliminate head lice and their newly hatching eggs that will surface every 7-9 days. These products contain chemicals and emit harsh fumes that are not safe and healthy especially when overused and not used properly. Often, the result can be burns or hazardous fumes to children that can result in pediatrician involvement. The AirAllé® Treatment uses NO harsh fumes and NO chemicals. In fact, the process is simply safe and effective.


#2 – The Treatment is Fast and Painless
The AirAllé® Treatment gives parents the peace of mind that one treatment and your child will leave the clinic head lice free. This guarantee is based on thousands of applications that have resulted in 99.9% effectiveness in killing head lice AND their eggs in a single treatment. The dehydration method used by the AirAllé® Treatment machine is warm air that is applied in different positions across the scalp to desiccate the parasites. The air feels like a warm hair dryer and is totally painless for the recipient.


#3 – No Repeat Application is Necessary
Shampoos and powders are only effective if used as recommended. Because head lice grow in distinct stages, a female louse will lay her eggs and 7-9 days later they will hatch into a new generation of head lice. Shampoos and powder will NOT kill any unhatched eggs on a scalp. For this reason, shampoos and powders are not effective at conquering a head lice problem unless they are used for three weeks in a row. Who wants the headache of dealing with head lice three times? No thank you. In comes the AirAllé® Treatment. We offer a one and done solution for parents who don’t have time to worry about head lice.


#4 – “Super Lice” Are Not So Super Compared to the AirAllé® Treatment
Recently in over 48 states, there have been cases of super lice reported that prove to be unaffected by over the counter treatments that used to work. Head lice have built up a tolerance to their active ingredient and are getting increasingly harder to kill. The AirAllé® Treatment uses no Pyrethrum, the ingredient in shampoos and powders that head lice are immune to. In fact, there are no harsh chemical or fumes used at all. Dehydration technology is the power behind the AirAllé® Treatment. This process is completely effective against head lice, super or not!


#5 – Head Lice AND Eggs are both killed by the AirAllé® Treatment
Nits, or head lice eggs, are the trickiest part of eliminating head lice. Once the adult lice are killed, eggs that have been laid on the scalp can hatch and create a whole new generation of head lice to pester you. It is vital that the eggs are removed to prevent the process from continually repeating. The AirAllé® Treatment device conquers head lice AND their eggs in a single treatment. It is designed to dehydrate both and leave your child head lice free in a little over an hour.

Contact Lice Clinics of America today with any questions or concerns you may have about your head lice problem. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people eliminate head lice from their homes.

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