Summer Activities In the St. Charles Area


Summer is here and sometimes we want to peel our kids away from their video games and get them out of the house to be active. Here are 5 things to do in the St.  Charles area, some of which are located in St. Louis. St. Louis Zoo I think it’s a pretty safe assumption […]

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Types Of Lice And Common Head Lice Symptoms


Head lice are those not-so-fun little parasitic bugs that children may get at school or summer camp or at a friend’s house. We hope your children never get lice but if they are in elementary school, they are at risk to get and spread lice. Sometimes it just happens. They are spread through personal contact […]

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Fourth Of July Activities For Kids


Fourth of July is next week, how exciting! The fourth of July is a very fun and festive holiday and gives us an excuse to lounge by the pool, attend barbecues, host parties, play with fireworks, wear patriotic colors, eat too much and celebrate the independence of our wonderful nation. However, the Fourth of July […]

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Parents Can Be Stylish Too. Do You Have A Style?


Parenting is a journey. A hard, yet rewarding and precious journey. If you are a parent and you’re doing your best, we applaud you. As parents, we know that keeping our children safe and teaching them to be good people is extremely important. Studies show that children who feel loved and have discipline, grow up […]

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Summer Camp Season: Prepare For A Head Lice Outbreak


We are all very excited for summer. School is out and we don’t have to worry about scolding our kids for getting bad grades or talking back to their teachers. Perhaps we get to spend some extra time with our kids or reward their good grades by sending them to summer camp with all their […]

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What Not To Do When Treating Head Lice


Many parents don’t know a single thing about head lice, which can be dangerous and lead to doing irrational and dangerous things. We’ve heard of parents doing all kinds of crazy things when it comes to treating head lice and usually it is out of panic. Here are 4 things not to do when finding […]

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Lice Treatment Near St. Peters

St. Peters

Do you live in the beautiful St. Peters area and have young children? Chances are, you might need us in the near future. As the leading lice clinic in the St. Peters area, located in St. Charles, only about 15 minutes away, we treat thousands of children when they face a head lice infestation, and […]

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Is Extra Cleaning Necessary After Head Lice?


Even though research shows that extra cleaning after head lice is not necessary, many parents still believe they must take drastic cleaning measures. Do your research, check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) page and see for yourself. Extra cleaning doesn’t contribute much to preventing head lice because head lice die without […]

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Listerine Treats Bad Breath But Is It An Effective Lice Treatment?


Lice treatment has changed over the last decade because lice are such complex, relentless little insects that are difficult to eradicate. Many home remedies have been tested and not one of them has been medically backed or proven to work. Listerine is among these home remedies and we certainly don’t recommend it. Most people find […]

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Most Frequently Asked Lice Questions


We know that parents have all kinds of lice questions, so we did some research to answer the four most frequently asked questions on Google. Here are the answers to your questions. How Long Will It Take For Lice Eggs To Hatch? If you’re asking this lice question then that means you know that lice […]

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